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Tata Tio

Tata Tio: Cheap, Trendy Shoe Chain in Cairo

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Basma Mostafa
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Tata Tio: Cheap, Trendy Shoe Chain in Cairo

The seductive allure of shoes to women will always
remain a mystery. Nothing pleases a woman like a new pair of shoes; especially
if it’s a very reasonably priced pair. With
shop branches all around Cairo, Tata Tio offers women the chance to buy new
shoes every few months without breaking their banks.  

Since launching in Cairo in 2007, Tata Tio is a tough
competitor in the field of producing cheap and trendy shoes; a market that has
been monopolised by Club Aldo for some time now.  

Tata Tio is a shop that combines style with practicality.
Sandals, ballerina flats, imitation Ugg boots, ankle boots and knee boots; you can find pretty
much every shoe type that you want at Tata Tio for reasonable prices. A pair of
ballerina flats can cost between 60LE to 100LE, and prices drop considerably
during the shop’s seasonal sales.

Bear in mind that if you’re paying such a low price,
you’re probably sacrificing quality and durability of the materials in return: Tata
Tio’s shoes may only last a few months of wear and tear on the rough streets of
Cairo. Nonetheless, the shop’s shoes are cute, practical and colourful. What
makes it even more fun to shop at Tata Tio is that you know you can always come
back for another pair soon without losing your entire salary.

Apart from their shoe collection, Tata Tio also sells functional
and attractive bags, which tend to endure rough handling better than their
shoes. A bag at Tata Tio doesn’t exceed 200LE and a clutch might even start at

While it does follow the latest seasonal trends, Tata
Tio has a relatively limited collection and they are not usually in stock with every
shoe type and size that you may need. Nonetheless, Tata Tio shoes are a common
sight on the streets of Cairo, even if you’ll never admit to shopping there.

360 Tip

Always be on the lookout for new products. Sometimes, nice-looking products are delivered but they run out of stock really soon and never get re-stocked.

Best Bit

Tata Tio expands very quickly. Wherever you decide to shop in Cairo, there’s always a Tata Tio branch waiting to be explored.

Worst Bit

They have a relatively limited collection compared to other shoe shops. The staff are often overworked and underpaid, and they tend to be curt.

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