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United Colours of Jeans

United Colors of Jeans: Cheap Basics For Your Wardrobe in Zamalek

  • 1st Floor, Yamama Centre, 3 Taha Hussein St.
  • Women's Wear
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Anne de Groot
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United Colors of Jeans: Cheap Basics For Your Wardrobe in Zamalek

Yes, you’ve
guessed it right. This shop was indeed inspired by a certain Italian clothing brand
that made headlines recently with a controversial new campaign where world
leaders are shown kissing each other on the lips. The name isn’t the only thing
this shop is inspired by; the whole collection looks like an exact copy of Benetton,
meaning you can obtain every item in at least eight different colours.

Colors of Jeans is located on the first floor of Yamama Centre in Zamalek just
left of  the escalator. The shop is quite
big and the clothes are all neatly organized, carrying women’s, men’s and
children’s collections. If you are looking for decent and affordable basics,
this shop is absolutely the place to be. Most products are 100% cotton and
therefore of good quality.

cardigans for women are available in all possible colours for 45LE only. Most
of the shirts are printed with texts like ‘Love has come Around’ or ‘Peace’ for
55LE. There are some cheaper shirts as well (around 50LE) with New York City-inspired
prints. These shirts are also available in every colour you can think of.
Sweaters are a bit more expensive, starting at 65LE and reaching 115LE. Though
functional and warm, the sweaters basically lack shape.  Blouses cost around 60LE, and at the time of this
reviewer’s visit, most were in floral or plain designs. There were some dresses
available for 60LE, but they weren’t exactly flattering. You can also score
yourself a pair of jeans starting at 85LE. Keep in mind though that it does say
United Colors of Jeans on the back. There are also some Guess and Dsquared
jeans available for 145LE and above. We were not quite sure whether these jeans
are the real deal or fake. If you love yourself some Hello Kitty Pyjamas, you
can get them here for just 20LE.

The men’s
department is a bit more limited. Most prices are comparable with the women’s
section. Men’s shirts are relatively cheap at 55LE. Most of the jeans and
sweaters cost around 100LE, their designs aren’t that exciting, though. Most
are plain without any print. However, we will say it once again every possible
colour is available. Children’s shirts and cardigans cost between 35LE and 50LE,
which is a very reasonable price considering the quality.

staff is friendly but a bit pushy. They insist on hunting you down with a
measuring tape to ‘get your size’ (i.e. touch you), which is pretty annoying. Also,
they immediately unravel every folded item for you and pull a sad puppy face if
you tell them no. That being said, if you’re after cheap basics, then this is a
great shop to pick.

360 Tip

The shop provides and alteration service, just in case that perfect pair of jeans are a little too long.

Best Bit

Cheap quality clothing.

Worst Bit

Being hunted down by a staff member with measuring tape in hand.

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