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Where to Get Kahk Eid Al-Fitr This Season

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Where to Get Kahk Eid Al-Fitr This Season
written by
Nelly Ezz

Our endless love for the sweet, buttery cookie has stood its ground since ancient Egypt. Considering how soft and delicious they are, it’s no wonder Kahk has become a staple since then. Whether they’re stuffed with dates, agameya, nuts or malban, plain or sprinkled with a lavish dusting of powdered sugar, Kahk is loved by all – especially during Eid Al-fitr festivities. 

As we reminisce through our childhood years, one would argue that for many Egyptians, their favourite memories would have to include helping out their grandmother on the last day of Ramadan, as she bakes and they stamp the Eid Al-fitr Kahk. But, it’s become easier to buy them during times like these than go through the whole baking process – especially when all we want is to sit back and relax. So, here are a few places you can find delicious Kahk this season:

Mandarine Koueider 

One of the most renowned names in the dessert business, Mandarine Koueider is already offering Eid boxes by the kilo this season. You can find all the Kahk fillings you can think of alongside Ghorayeba and Petit Four – one kilogram of any of the previous items is EGP 160 only. You can opt for pickup or delivery – all their branches start operating from 10 AM to 12 AM. 


Kahk, Ghorayeba, and everything in between, there’s nothing Nola isn’t offering this season! Stock up on Nola’s Kahk this Eid with their 1 kilogram and upto 4 kilogram boxes – perfect for family gatherings. You can find their Kahk boxes in any of their branches or call 16714 for deliveries. 

La Poire

This year, La Poire didn’t waste any time and had been advertising their Kahk selection a week before Eid started. They have various boxes on offer; mixed ones and ones with your preferred type of Kahk. From pistachio and plain to dates and agameya, you’ll find everything you need at any of their branches across Cairo. You can also call their hotline 19515 for more information. 

ElAbd Patisserie

Alongside their varied selection of Petit Four and biscuits – you can find ready made Kahk boxes in any of their branches. Take your pick from any of your favourite fillings or plain ones – stop by for pick up, or call 16437 for home deliveries.

The Grocer

Fancy a box of delicious Kahk this year from everyone’s favourite specialised supermarket? The Grocer has a wide selection of Kahk-filled nuts and malban – they also have Petit Four and Ghorayeba on offer! You can visit their Garden 8 or Zamalek branches, or call 19393 for deliveries. 


This year TBS created a wonderful initiative; 10% of all their Kahk sales will go to Al Nas Hospital. You can find different sized Kahk and Petit Four boxes starting 1 kilogram up to 3 kilograms. Check out their wonderful assortment and take your pick. 


Another prominent name in the patisserie business enters this year’s Eid race with elegant looking Kahk boxes. With an extensive array of biscuits, Petit Four, and Kahk – Sedra is definitely a name to put on your list when you’re shopping for Kahk. You can find their boxes in their Heliopolis, New Cairo, and Madinaty branches. 

Sale Sucre

This year Sale Sucre has a massive Kahk menu that is sure to cater to anyone’s palette. You can choose from all the traditional fillings then mix and match to your liking. This year, 1 kilogram is for EGP 150 only, and you can also mix and match with petit four, ghorayeba and biscuits. Make sure to give them a try this season!