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XOXO: Clothes for All Occasions at Cairo’s Citystars

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Basma Mostafa
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XOXO: Clothes for All Occasions at Cairo’s Citystars

If you are
anything like this reviewer, simple outfits are what you always look for when
you go on a shopping spree in Cairo. Luckily for us, XOXO carries not only
daring patterns; but also simple designs and basic colours.

This US
women’s wear brand has a branch in Citystars located on the first floor of Phase
2. The racks at XOXO are spaciously spread out, allowing shoppers to move
comfortably through the shop’s glittery interior.
The black ceramic floor is decorated with random bright silver dots, and the loud music
pumping out of the speakers might have you tapping your foot.

This party trend
is reflected in many of the clothes. Several items on offer scream for a night
out of partying. You can find a pair of shiny golden-hued trousers, priced at
above 300LE. If you want something less flashy, XOXO stocks a wide variety of knee-length
sequined dresses for an average of 500LE. This reviewer was smitten with a
royal blue sequined dress that had a hefty price tag of 1000LE and was of questionable

Since animal prints seem to be all the rage recently, XOXO stocks leopard print handbags,
tunics, dresses, boleros and jackets. You can also find denim mini-skirts and
shorts for over 300LE.

Casual cotton
tunics are available in a variety of colours starting at 300LE, while basic
shirts are available in different colours and designs, starting at 215LE for a
short-sleeved white shirt with a peace sign. Jeans are also available for an average of 500LE,
while a beige casual jacket sells for 325LE.

leather handbags are also available starting at 300LE, with a  messenger bag setting you back 315LE. There is
also a separate stand for wallets that come in neutral and basic colours. A
small maroon wallet sells for 100LE.

The sales
attendants are not very attentive, but if you spend a lot of time browsing through
the racks without making a purchase or picking up an item or two, they
immediately become suspicious and start following you around.

Whether you
are shopping for party attire or want to make a daring fashion statement, check
out XOXO’s collection at Citystars.

360 Tip

Don't take the quietness of the shop as a reflection of it. Some of the clothes themselves are loud enough.

Best Bit

XOXO offers really cool party clothes.

Worst Bit

Sales at XOXO aren't as good as you'd hope.

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