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Zahran: Dependable Supply Store in Mohandiseen

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Haisam Awad
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Zahran: Dependable Supply Store in Mohandiseen

There aren’t too many places you can go and
find practical supplies for your kitchen and home without feeling like it will only
last for months, or that you’re somehow being ripped off.  The Mohandiseen branch of Zahran on Syria
Street does its part in putting faith back into Egyptian retail. As a licensed
retailer of Tefal products, Zahran provides a thorough range of cookware and a
diverse range of kitchen accessories.

reviewer has never seen such a large collection of pots and pans assembled in
one space. Tefal is by far the most dominant brand of course, and in the far
right corner, they’re all arranged meticulously by size and function. The
displays put the focus on the non-stick pans, and one gizmo in particular stood
out: two triangular shaped pans are hinged together to make a nifty sandwich
maker (280LE).

A stand towards the back of the shop occupies
a collection of slick and shiny kitchen utensils for very reasonable prices,
although you may want to ignore the ‘made in China’ print and instead focus on
the ‘stainless steel’ one. A sturdy old-school can opener sells for 5LE, while
various sized knives and other handy tools cost less than 20LE. Sets of three
drinking glasses are plentiful in quantity, size range and design, and cost
between 18LE and 50LE.

One particular highlight came in the form
of something that no woman should live without; bra hangers (15LE each). The
peculiar plastic contraption supposedly keeps bras in crisp condition, and
features three clips at the front that keeps the bra in its natural position
for you to hang in your wardrobe.

Another peculiar sight sits in the left
side of the back of the shop. Giant cooking pots are stacked up into two
pyramids, the biggest of which, at 540LE, has a diameter of around 50cm – big
enough to cook a small child in. Equally as startling is the huge metal
colander (480LE) that sits atop one of the pot-pyramids. The mind boggles at
what one would use it for.

In a corner that seems to have been
assigned as a miscellaneous area for items that don’t fit into any of the
shop’s departments, a range of large funky clocks sells for between 220LE and
280LE. One design features colourful plastic strips shaped into a flower. It
isn’t the most tasteful or subtle of decor additions; but it’s fun nonetheless,
and would work great in a minimally designed kitchen, for example.

Although appliances might be a little more
expensive than you might find in smaller local shops, there’s a sense of
satisfaction and safety in shopping at a place like Zahran. The staff is
surprisingly knowledgeable about the products, clued up on the warranties of
electrical appliances and happy to make recommendations. It’s impressive, but
it still doesn’t forgive them shadowing your every move.  

360 Tip

The shop usually has a toaster that customers can try, and provide bread so that you can see the results for yourself. Bring your own butter though.

Best Bit

A huge range of appliances and accessories, some of which often have discounts and deals on them.

Worst Bit

Even the Egyptian-made products are a little more expensive than you’d find elsewhere.

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