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A New Plan Is Set to Rescue Downtown Cairo’s Historical Buildings

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A New Plan Is Set to Rescue Downtown Cairo’s Historical Buildings
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    Cairo 360

    A street in Downtown Cairo carries more stories and history than entire blocks in new cities. This is why Downtown will always remain the heart of Cairo. The government has made plan after plan to retain the stature of this area of the capital, and we’ve already seen a number of buildings, and even whole streets being renovated back to their prime. Now, there’s another plan to renovate historical buildings in the area.

    For a number of years now, some of these historical buildings have been ignored, and a number of governmental offices and entities have come to call these buildings home. The first step in the newest renovation plan is to have all these governmental entities vacate such buildings and move them outside the Downtown area. This also includes police departments. This evacuation plan will pave the way for a complete renovation of the concerned buildings, bringing them back to their former glory.

    Aside from the deteriorating state of these buildings, another issue that has negatively affected the beauty of Downtown Cairo is the randomness, and lack of adherence to laws, pertaining the placement of signs and banners. As such, all illegal signs and banners will be removed from Downtown’s historical buildings. Finally, it will become illegal to use these buildings as storage areas.

    This action plans comes to support the original plans of renovating Al-Bursa area, which has been ongoing for a few months now. There are many efforts by the government to fund this project in order to keep it going. We’re glad to see such plans actually making a change, and we hope to keep seeing more and more of such projects.