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Cairo Ranks First on Another List For International Travellers!

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Cairo Ranks First on Another List For International Travellers!
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Cairo is always filling our hearts with warmth and love; indeed, any tourist who has been lucky enough to pay our hometown a visit can vouch for the hospitality of its people. Aside from its people, Cairo has so much to offer; from museums brimming with relics from several historical epochs and a wealth of arts and cultural happenings, to a vibrant nightlife scene and an array of restaurants and food carts. Additionally, a simple walk in Downtown Cairo’s Tahrir Square, a felucca ride on the River Nile, or a stroll through Khan El Khalili is enough of an attraction for world travellers looking to catch a glimpse of bygone eras, mixed with the workings of a modern metropolitan capital city.

Given all that Cairo has to offer, one would think that it’s an expensive travel destination. Today, however, we are here to tell you that this is beyond far from the truth. According to Bureau Rumbo, a well-known tourism website, Cairo is actually the least expensive city in the world! While travellers often concern themselves with budgets, those looking to travel to Cairo can kiss that concern goodbye; according to the website, one day in Cairo costs an average of 48 euros. Rankings are based on specific criteria like accommodation, transportation, entertainment, tours, museum tickets, public parks, and food.

To get the full picture, Mexico ranked second with an average of 72 euros per day, while Antalya (Turkey) requires a budget of 75 euros per day. In other words, there is a 24 euro difference between Mexico and Cairo, and a 27 euro difference between Cairo and Antalya.

It looks like Egypt is on the map for all sorts of tourists; just a few weeks back we told you all about how Egypt is the leading travel destination for the world’s billionaires, and today it seems that Cairo, specifically, is a destination for those looking to travel on a budget!