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Cairo Tops the Independent’s List of “Cities to Visit in the Year 2019”

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Cairo Tops the Independent’s List of “Cities to Visit in the Year 2019”
written by
Sherif Khairy

We just saw this brilliant piece and we couldn’t wait to share it with you guys, so we’re getting straight to the point. The Independent just published their list of the top cities to visit in 2019, and none other than our beloved Cairo tops that list. Yes, Cairo, Egypt topped the list of The Independent, UK’s reputable online newspaper, for cities to visit in 2019.

The online newspaper says that Egypt has faced political instability throughout the past few years. But with current reformations, assurance of safety and stability, booms in different industries, as well as the constant discoveries of Pharaonic monuments, Egypt is slowly but surely regaining its place in the tourism market. Perhaps the crown jewel of these movements is the upcoming billion-dollar project, the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) set to open in 2020, with talk that its first phase will be open to the public within the first few months of 2019.

Egypt is not just home to many Pharaonic monuments, and this is only part of its charm. Aside from Pharaonic museums, tombs, and of course, the Great Pyramids of Giza, there is far more than that to see in Cairo. You can bask in the beautiful Nile views from a seemingly infinite number of charming restaurants and cafés along the banks of the river, including tons of hotels where you can wake up every day to that beautiful sight. You can also head to idyllic beaches like Sharm El Luli; a beach that has been ranked first among Middle Eastern beaches by Trip Advisor.

Otherwise, you can indulge in a trip back in history with the Islamic and Coptic artefacts displayed in museums, as well as ancient mosques and churches around Cairo. Take a stroll through Khan El Khalili, walk down El-Muizz Street, or visit The Hanging Church in Al-Fustat.

Modern Cairo itself is filled with many top-notch restaurants offering delicious food, a lot of cafés with relaxing seating and beautiful views, as well as entertainment spots to keep your days lively, plus a prominent nightlife to assure you that Cairo is a city that does not sleep. You’ll be tempted to explore other cities in Egypt, but you’ll always feel a strong connection to the bustling city life that Cairo offers.

All these years we’ve been telling you of all the beautiful things you can see and do in Cairo, and now we have further proof that we’re right. We hope this gives a boost to our tourism and we can soon see numbers of tourists spiking to record highs.