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Check Out the Newest Updates on Egypt’s Newest Train Booking App!

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Check Out the Newest Updates on Egypt’s Newest Train Booking App!
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Cairo 360

In October of last year, we published a few articles about Egypt’s official train booking app, which, at the time, had just been released to the public after the official announcement, two months prior. User-friendly and available across Egypt for Android users and soon for other operational systems, the app provides an efficient method to book a train ticket. You just need to take your national ID and credit card with you on the train or else you will risk being fined. As for the name of the amazing app that is currently on Google Play, it’s called “Egypt Trains: Booking and Inquiring”, roughly translated from Arabic. 

In our follow up piece, we decided to test the app ourselves and share our feedback with you. At the time, our overall verdict was generally favourable. We liked the simplicity of the process, though we felt the payment options were not accessible for everyone as not everybody has the option of using credit cards. Each passenger can book up to four tickets, with their names added to the tickets, which helps eliminate use on the black market. You can check out our exact steps, with descriptions and screenshots, in the article entitled, “Egypt’s First Online Train Booking App: How Did It Fare?”

Because we always strive to be up-to-date and on top of everything, we bring you our third instalment of the newest updates about the app. On Google Play, it has an average rating of 3.6 so far. It’s not exactly the high score that you’d like to see on your screen, but it’s better than others. On the bright side, a majority of the 1,654 voters gave it a 5 out of 5. One of the high scorers stated, “So applicable, easy to use, and a time saver. But if you could provide a version compatible with iPhones and if the passenger could choose his seat, these would be great. Overall, good job and well done.”

Egypt Today shared some updates as well. Khaled Attiyah, Chairman and CEO of the app’s developing company, Transport Information Technology, announced that it has attracted 80,915 users and a total of 210,371 downloads so far. They also plan on upgrading the application to a newer version to further facilitate the process, and on making the application available in the Apple Store. And if you ever need to make a complaint or leave a suggestion, rest assured that there will be a representative available at all times.    

Say goodbye to the old days of waiting in endless queues in front of ticket booths! Download the app now.