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Dahab Launches Initiative to Eliminate All Plastic in the Region

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Dahab Launches Initiative to Eliminate All Plastic in the Region
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Just yesterday, we had posted about the brave Sahl Hasheesh divers in the Red Sea who are currently paving the way to creating a cleaner and healthier environment, protecting all living beings. Less than 24 hours later, here we are again, sharing the contributions of another area, approximately 4 hours away from Sahl Hasheesh, which you all know as one of Sinai’s most treasured diving destinations; Dahab.

Egypt Independent shared the news that last week, the President of the City Council of Dahab, Tarak El-Baz, announced the launch of the “Bela Plastic” (Without Plastic) campaign, spearheaded in an effort to protect the environment, specifically marine life. Firstly, he stated that several training sessions were held, addressing Dahab’s hotel and restaurant staff, to raise their awareness about the dangers of plastic use, so they could, in turn, pass on such critical information to tourists. Secondly, he stressed that banners and warning signs would be placed across the city to caution individuals, and mentioned that several volunteer tourism organisations, along with several dive centres, will kick off campaigns to clean up Dahab beaches.

Egyptian Streets added that the South Sinai reserve has launched another initiative in hotels and resorts, called “Khali al-Bahar Yetnafes”, for further elaboration and awareness on the seriousness of plastic. Moreover, environmental activist, Mohsen Jaafar, told ElBalad News that the income of the city Dahab is based on the environment, which attracts tourists and must be preserved.

Let’s do a quick recap of the plastic elimination Egyptian initiatives that we know of, so far. We have the famous Adidas campaign with Mo Salah, and the shoes made of plastic ocean debris. We also have the submitted proposal by Member of Parliament (MP), Anisa Hassouna, for the ban of single-use plastic bags. We’ll definitely keep you updated with all the newest initiatives. And if you think you can contribute or start your own program to help your community live in a safer environment, get up and do it!