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EgyptAir Signs Cooperation Protocol With ETI-Austria

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EgyptAir Signs Cooperation Protocol With ETI-Austria
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The word “tourism” is figuratively, if not literally, existent on every news medium there is. Whether you’re skimming through your social media feed, watching a TV program, or reading the newspaper, the staggering milestones of Egyptian tourism are almost always discussed and reported on. We’ve uploaded articles before about the strenuous efforts of Dr Rania Al-Mashat and her hardworking team, but we never realised that other countries were also contributing to our country’s sector, like Express Travel International (ETI), the market leader in Austria for Egypt travel.

When we roughly translated the German description on their Facebook page, it looked something like this: “Whether you are looking for a fascinating Nile cruise, eventful family beach holiday, or relaxing wellness stay – we have just the right offer for you.” They continue, “The land of the Pharaohs is an attractive destination for young and old throughout the year.”

During the last weekend, Egypt Independent stated that EgyptAir signed a cooperation protocol with ETI, in cooperation with the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority, to further boost our country’s tourism and enhance its presence in the promising Austrian market. Under this protocol, the company will operate a weekly trip each Saturday from the city of Linz, in Austria, to Sharm el-Sheikh. The flights will begin soon and last for one year.

The two main participating parties in the agreement were Magdy Omar, Assistant General Manager of the ETI, and Ahmed Wagdy, General Manager of the General Directorate of Networks, Planning, and Fleet of EgyptAir Company, along with other representatives from both organisations. In terms of flight details, our trustworthy news source states that the MS3019 flight to Linz from Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport will take off at 17:30, arriving in Linz, Austria, at 21:50 on the latest Boeing B737-800NG aircraft.

Stay tuned for more updates to come regarding the flourishing world of Egyptian tourism!