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Feel the Fresh Red Sea Breeze this Sham El Nessim at Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh

Easter Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh Sham El Nessim
Feel the Fresh Red Sea Breeze this Sham El Nessim at Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh
    written by
    Mariam Nowar

    You wake up in a comfortable bed to the sound of the beach waves caressing the shore ever so gently, while the birds chirp away in announcement of the day’s start. You get up and walk around your two-bedroom Chalet, wondering what sort of activity you’d like to spend your time on, and the sunrays keep calling you to momentarily peek from the window. You feast your eyes on the lush greenery that invites you to sway with the wind.

    A cup of tea later, made with love in the kitchenette, you find yourself and your family more than ready to take on your next adventure!

    It’s Easter time, which means celebratory events must take place. You settle on an exciting Egg Hunt organized by the resort, and after you’ve claimed your triumphant rewards, you head back to your room for a quick nap – only to find yourself greeted with Executive Pastry Chef, Patrick Moreau’s basket of goodies filled with chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies that tide you over until brunch is served at the Sham El Nessim international buffet.

    At the brunch, you stop by one live station after the other, contemplating which cuisine to overflow your plate with. You take a seat at the resort’s lavish poolside restaurant, Waha dig into your dish while chitchatting with your family, before happily going back for seconds.

    A Kids for All Seasons Sham El Nessim party awaits the children at the Kids Club in the outdoors, which features all kinds of fun activities like treasure hunts and puppet-making. You already miss their energetic presence, but meanwhile, you organize another adventure underwater for the following day. You begin to daydream about discovering the colourful marine life that lies beneath.

    If these are memories you’d like to have in the near future, book your holiday by emailing or calling 069 3603555.