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Hollywood: Bubbly & Flashy Entertainment Hub in Sharm El Sheikh

Hollywood: Bubbly & Flashy Entertainment Hub in Sharm El Sheikh
written by
Katie Dryden

Sharm El Sheikh isn’t short of attractions; as one of Egypt’s most visited beach-side locals, it’s popular with locals and tourists alike. One of the area’s newest attractions is the tremendously commodious Hollywood – a large shopping and entertainment complex that provides fun for the family and kids of all ages. 

This flashy establishment, located just five minutes from Naama Bay, will catch your attention with its massive light shows and enormous statues of dinosaurs equipped with sound devices. The grounds also feature statues from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, as well as Terminator, Godzilla, Alien and others. It even features the famous white ‘HOLLYWOOD’ sign that cars can spot when driving along Peace Road.  It is definitely a place to take a camera along with you.

The entry fee is 30LE, including a free drink from the Movenpick bar, which is decent considering most of the entertainment inside is free.

First of all, there’s the fountain show—bursts of coloured light and water in synchronicity with music, that happens every hour for fifteen minutes. Other entertainment includes Russian, Arabic and English singers, as well as belly dancers and magic shows. There’s also a 7D cinema inside, which is a lot like a 3D cinema except it also incorporates lighting and movement, so be sure to hold onto your seats. The cinema costs an additional 35LE but is well-worth the money if you want to enjoy a unique cinematic experience.

Being such a grand complex, Hollywood offers an incredibly large area to walk through and explore, with something interesting to view in pretty much every direction including a serene waterfall which can be found further in and a bridge crossing over a gorgeous little river where people can use peddle boats

Shopping is another fun and leisurely aspect to the experience, with set prices on everything to eliminate the hassle of bartering.  The shops include a Vodafone store, clothes shops and bazaars.  Should the walking tire you out, Hollywood has many cafes, lounges and bars where you can enjoy a drink.

Restaurants include Jaws, an ideally named seafood restaurant, and Titanic, which is decorated to resemble its namesake. Bathroom facilities, lifts and elevators are available throughout to make the distances easier.

While Hollywood is alive and buzzing for most of the night, there are few times when there is no act performing, and in turn could make it seem a little lifeless. There are still some sections of the complex that are under construction, but that takes place in the day and Hollywood only operates at night time.

Travelling to and from Hollywood is a breeze. A bus from Naama Bay to Hollywood will cost no more than 2LE and taxis are always easy to find.  Very similar to Soho Square, but think bigger, flashier and more American.