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127 Hours

127 Hours: A Remarkable True Story

  • James Franco
  • Action & AdventureDrama
  • Out now
  • Danny Boyle
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Omar Atef
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127 Hours: A Remarkable True Story

on an incredible true story, 127 Hours
is about mountain climber Aaron Ralston (Franco), who lives for thrills and adrenaline-pumping
adventures. On a hike in the Blue John Canyon in Utah,  he meets two
female hikers (Tamblyn and Mara) who have lost their way. As a guide, he offers
to show them back onto their right path and ends up spending some time with them
before he continues on his solitary journey.

he finally returns to his hiking track, he falls suddenly and finds his arm caught
between a boulder and the canyon’s wall. With no one aware ofhis whereabouts in order to save him, and very few supplies for his survival, Aaron
finds himself spending the next five days thinking about all the wrong
decisions that he’s made and the people that he misses, while trying to find
any way to escape his impending death.

The film’s director Danny Boyle won an Oscar for Best Director
for Slumdog Millionaire in 2008. It’s
pretty obvious that he brings his very own unique style to any of his work.
Since this is a true story, criticism isn’t a working factor. The story unfolds
through the eyes of a terrified explorer who’s near his death.

far as the acting goes, the film obviously revolves around Franco’s performance,
while Tamblyn and Mara appear very briefly. Although Franco’s performance is
impressive and very realistic; it’s the director’s attention to detail,
creative editing techniques and breathtaking cinematography that will capture

127 Hours isn’t for everyone,
especially the weak at heart, as it contains footage of Aaron literally cutting
through his own skin after a series of hallucinations when things get desperate.
Overly gory it may be, the scene was absolutely essential for the film’s detail and the character’s development.

127 Hours was nominated for six Oscars, and 68 other awards, and we can see why: it’s a great film, even if it might not be to everyone’s taste.

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360 Tip

James Franco was not Danny Boyle’s first choice as Aaron – Cillian Murphy was.

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