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Every Ramadan TV Series: The Ultimate Comprehensive Schedule!

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Every Ramadan TV Series: The Ultimate Comprehensive Schedule!
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    Cairo 360

    Featured image via MBC Masr


    Ramadan is a time of prayers, family, food, and…..? You guessed it – Choosing something to watch from the dozens and dozens of Ramadan series and shows that fill all the channels of TV screens across the nation. Did you know that, the largest Arabic movie database, displayed a list of 26 Egyptian series this year, excluding the numerous other series and shows around the Arab world?

    While switching channels back and forth to skip the ads or to entertain oneself during Iftar, Suhour, or basically any free time in between, one can get quite overwhelmed and confused. There are way too many options out there to choose from, so we decided to make life easier for our readers and viewers with this summarised list of series, including their corresponding actors, channels, and timings.  



    You can find the beautiful Amina Khalil with Mohamed Mamdouh and Mohamed Farrag at 9 pm on MBC Masr.

    Hadoota Marra

    Ghada Abdel Razek delivers yet another amazing performance on El Kahira Wil Nas at 10 pm.

    Super Miro

    You can laugh at Amy Samir Ghanem’s hilarious series on the Dubai channel at 6 pm as well as on channel Ten at 10 pm.  

    Lams El Aktaf

    After last year’s epic delivery, you can see Yaser Galal at 7 pm on CBC, and 11 pm on the Abu Dhabi channel.  


    You’ll find Amr Saad on CBC at 9 pm.


    Alexandrian actress, Yasmine Sabri, appears on DMC at 9 pm, and CBC at 10 pm.

    Badal El Hadoota 3

    The always lovely, Donia Samir Ghanem, performs at 11 pm on CBC. 

    Talkit Haz

    The series is considered Mostafa Khater’s first singular leading role, you can see him at 12:30 am on CBC as well as a few hours earlier on DMC at 8 pm. 

    Ibn Usool

    You can see singer-actor, Hamada Helal, on DMC at 7 pm.

    Al Wad Sayed El Shahat

    Watch Ahmed Fahmy’s first collaboration with his real-life fiancé, Hana Zahed, at 10 pm on DMC. 


    Mohamed Ramadan’s series is broadcasted in several channels, including DMC at 11 pm as well as MBC 1 at 9:30 pm.  

    Wild El Ghalaba

    The popular, Ahmed El Sakka, performs at 10 pm on both MBC Masr and Ro’ya Al Ordoniya.  

    Fikrah Bimilyoon Gineeh

    Playing a lead role for his second time, Ali Rabie can be seen on MBC Masr at 11 pm.

    Shakit Feisal

    You can find Kareem Mahmoud Ebd El Aziz at midnight on MBC Masr.


    Son of El Za3eem, Mohamed Adel Imam, follows in his father’s footsteps at 12 midnight on Elhayat and at 6 pm on the Abu Dhabi channel.

    Li Akhir Nafas

    Yasmina Abdel Aziz tries a new theme for this year’s series on Elhayat at 1 am.

    Abo Gabal

    You can see Mostafa Shaban at 11 pm on OnE Channel and the Jordanian TV Channel at 8 pm.

    Qamar Hady

    On OnE at 10 pm, you can watch Hany Salama’s performance.

    Kalabsh 3

    We saved the best for last! Amir Karara’s highly successful sequel continues with a third instalment, which you can check out on OnE at 7 pm, MBC 4 at 5 pm.



    We hope this was helpful and enjoy watching this year’s must-see Ramadan series!