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Watch iT! App: A Review for All the Ramadan Series Enthusiasts Out There

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Watch iT! App: A Review for All the Ramadan Series Enthusiasts Out There
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    Cairo 360

    Recently, controversy struck after Egypt’s decision to ban Ramadan series from YouTube this year. This left online watchers in disarray as the world-renowned American video-sharing website was their saviour from the incessant Ramadan ads that we had to endure every year and disrupted the flow of the plotlines. We are here to reassure Egyptians that all is not lost. At a modest price, you can watch as many series as you desire after the Egyptian Media Network’s launch of its new streaming app, Watch iT!

    The app’s description on the iTunes store reads as follows, “Watch Ramadan TV series online and exclusive on Watch iT! Enjoy high-quality movies, TV shows, programs, and more from your mobile, tablet, or computer.”

    The first question that probably came to your minds is, “How much will this drain our wallet?” Let’s explore that together. After enjoying your first trial week for free, the website offers three packages: Firstly, a monthly offer for 99 LE. The remaining two are 555 LE and 999 LE for six months and one year respectively. 

    So, what are the pros and cons? The clear, main advantage is the simple fact that you won’t have to endure the repetitive and endless advertisements. Also, the service is active all year round to enjoy movies and series to your heart’s content, with 15 Ramadan series currently in the app’s repertoire.

    On the other hand, the unfortunate catch is that you’ll have to pay to get access to this service, which is not always a luxury that all people can afford. Moreover, the website often malfunctions or crashes as a result of the occasional heavy traffic, caused by the countless watchers. According to sources, Watch iT! doesn’t possess the strong qualities that we are used to finding on YouTube, such as the option of streaming the series on smart TVs.

    Any new service or product takes a bit of time at first to get its kinks ironed out; we just have to be patient. If all else fails, other streaming platforms in Egypt, like Shoof Drama and Shoof Max, are offering their services for this year’s Ramadan shows for free on their websites, according to Arab News.