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Ism Mo’aqat (Temporary Name)

Ism Mo’aqat: Early Contender For Best Ramadan Show of the Year

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  • Drama
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  • Ahmed Nader Galal
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Mohamed Hamdy
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Ism Mo’aqat: Early Contender For Best Ramadan Show of the Year

Last Ramadan, Cairo’s TV addicts were unanimous in declaring Raqam Maghoul (Unknown Number) to be one of the best mosalsals of the year; from the cinematography to the acting, the production was outstanding – by Egyptian standards –  so when the same team got together this year for Ism Mo’aqat (Temporary Name) much was expected.

Under the direction of Ahmed Nader Gamal, the series is indeed very similar to its predecessor. Writer Mohamed Soliman Abd El Malek is the only new addition to the crew, and while his creativity does bring new flavour to this year’s production, the series as a whole maintains a very similar tone to last year’s hit. However, as the show begins to unfold, Ism Mo’aqat comes into its own.

The story follows the trials and tribulations of Youssef Ramzy (El Sherif). After finding success in the UK, the protagonist of the show returns home to Cairo, but suffers an unforeseeable accident that leaves him with amnesia.

Though the premise is almost too simple – and a little clichéd to boot – the storytelling throughout the series has an uncanny way of drawing you back for more. In addition, our leading man carries the plot with aplomb. Charismatic and charming from the get-go, El Sherif further cements his position as one of the most promising actors in Egypt. Revealing a rather toned, buffed-up body for the role, it’s clear that Ramzy spent a lot of time at the gym between last Ramadan and this one.

At the other end of the spectrum, however, El Tahan gives a less stable performance, leaving us perplexed as to why she continues to be cast. On the other hand, on screen husband, Abdel Wahab, flexes his acting versatility in a role that should help the usually divisive actor to win over a few more of his detractors.

Overall, Ism Mo’aqat ticks most – if not all – of the Ramadan mosalsal boxes; already slated to be one of the most popular of the year, it’s a show that combines some of the most basic, yet affective, elements of the thriller genre, without getting bogged down in intricate details – it’s easy to follow.

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This series airs on Mehwar and Dream.

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