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No Pain

No Pain: Chris D’Elia’s Comic Relief‎

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No Pain: Chris D’Elia’s Comic Relief‎

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During a time when we are facing hardships, moments of genuine laughter are the only strings we have to hope. It had been just another night in self-quarantine, when American comedian, Chris D’Elia dropped his Netflix comedy special, No Pain, on the 14th of April. We grew fond of him as Justin Bieber’s favourite comedy man, who proudly roasted on an episode of Comedy Central Roast (2015), so our night did not continue on a mundane note once we pressed play.

This time around, D’Elia took to the stage to push the envelope, saying that he would never apologise for anything he says during his performances. Between airdropping inappropriate photos to random strangers on aeroplanes, to growling at a baby in a mall, and an absurd portrayal of a dolphin-suicide case investigation (you read that right), what strikes us most with D’Elia is his ability to not take things too seriously. He chuckles mid-way as he tells his jokes, and he entertains the audience with effortless, light-hearted comedy.

D’Elia went for the typical tactic of making fun of himself so that he can make fun of others by saying how much of a druggie he looks, but in reality, he had never done them. He blames his parents for not particularly banning drugs, instead opting for precautions against them, so that he never felt that they were off-limits; hence, never felt too drawn towards them.

He then proceeds to make fun of people who get angry at comedians and stir up conversations on Twitter. We find it funny that the audience actually booked his show in advance, paid the ticket, and then sat through a few offensive comments for the sake of comedy. He re-enacted the spectrum of emotions that such viewers would have to go through, from forcefully laughing, to slowly shaking their heads. Our verdict? No pain, no gain!

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Chris D'Elia is allegedly Justin Bieber's favourite comedian.

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