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Pete Davidson: Alive From New York

Pete Davidson – Alive From New York: Perfect Comeback

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Pete Davidson – Alive From New York: Perfect Comeback

(Image credit: Netflix)

From his awkward run-in while high as a kite with Louis C.K., his sexual mishaps, to the reason for his being famous (AKA Ariana Grande), and his dad’s unfortunate passing in 9/11, Pete Davidson has covered all ends of the controversial spectrum with his latest Netflix special ‘Alive From New York’. Stand-up shows are meant to make fun of the status quo, and Davidson touched on a variety of debatable topics that left the audience gasping for air from incessant laughter.

He opened up the show with a dig at the now-infamous comedian, Louis C.K., who was at the height of his career when he called out (and ratted out) Davidson for getting high on Saturday Night Live during the time of his hosting. Davidson claims that he got his revenge after Louis C.K. was accused of sexual harassment, and although it was an unfortunate event, Davidson claims that it was the perfect verdict. “You’re gonna smoke your career away!” he quoted Louis C.K., and now, Davidson is collaborating with Netflix, while Louis has kissed his career goodbye.

Moving forward, Davidson has talked about his stay at his mom’s basement, where he has built his “cave” and his (ahem) sexual preferences. He claims his mom always “knocks” before she enters his apartment, and that she is very respectful of his privacy. He also told people to stop harassing his mother and sister, which came after his relationship with a certain musician.

Most importantly, Davidson delved into how Ariana Grande made him famous. During his brief engagement to the pop star, Grande was met with a mixture of remarks due to her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, passing away shortly before Davidson and Grande called it quits on their relationship. Considering that Grande “thanked” Davidson in her hit song Thank U, Next (2018), Davidson had not responded to the mention until that very moment. His jab at Grande was one that was met with rounds of gasps, as everyone had been anticipating a reply, but we most certainly did not expect him to be so outspoken about his newfound fame.

The show wrapped up with a bunch of stories about Davidson’s dad, Scott; a firefighter who died during the tragic 9/11 events. Davidson was only seven at the time, and recounts how his mother bought him a pool with the government’s benefits so he could swim in the “death pool” with his friends. As dark as the humour went, Davidson kept a big smile on his face. He also delved into the stories that his dad’s friends told him about his father before his passing, and the show ended on a high note of priceless remembrance to a fallen hero.


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