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Ramez Tha’lab El Sahara

Ramez Tha’lab El Sahara: Disturbingly Sadistic Ramadan Prank Show

  • Ramez Galal
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Yasmin Shehab
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Ramez Tha’lab El Sahara: Disturbingly Sadistic Ramadan Prank Show

that true to the show’s advertising, the pranks aren’t staged in the slightest,
this has to be sadism in its purest form; sadism that attracts an audience
worthy of a prime-time slot and almost double the show’s length in advertising
no less.

time around Ramez Galal stages a heist. His unwitting victim is placed on a bus
full of extras and as they’re driven through the desert, the host and a bunch
of his cronies drive up and hold up the bus. As the guest starts to fall apart
at the seams, Ramez, the sadist that he is, marches up with a bazooka, shoots
out the windshield and forces them off of the bus. Once the guest is forced
past their breaking point, Ramez tries to get them to see, between the
shrieking, gasping and fainting spells, that it was all ‘just a prank’. They’d be justified in
suing the smirk off of him – after introducing their fist to his face that is.

After the big reveal, both host and guest get into a hot air balloon – they
obviously had some money lying around that they were at a loss of what to do
with – for a completely pointless question and answer session. You seriously
had no idea that it was a prank? Your
expression was priceless! Irritating
laugh and all. The teenagers who make up the show’s main demographic have much
to answer for.

it to say that the show is not only infuriating but supremely irritating as
well and not just because of its content and host. It’s broken up into roughly
two minute chunks with about ten minutes of advertising between each segment of
the show. So if the show isn’t enough, we get an overdose of idiotic,
overplayed ads as well. Seriously, we’re just a few days into Ramadan and we’re
already sick of that god-awful, inescapable Universal ad that seems to have
taken over every single channel on TV.

implore you not to contribute to this guy’s inexplicable success – at least
when it comes to his prank shows, Ghesh
El Zawgeyya
wasn’t half bad. Do it for your own peace of mind, if not for
the well being of Egypt’s celebrities. Fingers crossed that somewhere down the line,
one of the victims gets their own back.

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If for some reason this train wreck actually does appeal to you, you can watch it daily on El Hayat at 8PM.

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