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Westworld: Sci-Fi, Western & Drama All in One Highly Addictive Show

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Westworld: Sci-Fi, Western & Drama All in One Highly Addictive Show

HBO has turned into a juggernaut of a network with shows like The Leftovers, Ballers and Game of Thrones, among its several hit series.  The latest show to come out is ‘the much anticipated Westworld, and four episodes in, we’re already excited.

The show is based on the same outline of a movie of the same name written and directed by the creator of Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton. Adapted for TV by Jonathon Nolan – Christopher Nolan’s brother – and his wife Lisa Joy, the series boasts a star-studded cast including Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins,  just to name a few.

The show takes place in an unknown year in the future, which has a Western-themed amusement park inhabited completely by androids called ‘hosts’ in which the visitors – after paying a high fee – go to basically do whatever they want and play out their fantasies, be it a law dispensing sheriff, or a gun slinging outlaw -that’s up to them to decide.

Covering several angles and perspectives of both visitors and hosts, the show relays the message of power and control, while questioning morality and what it is to be human, with some of the hosts acting off script, as they become more and more sentient while showing more humanity than the visitors.

 Superbly acted by everyone involved, Westoworld is also brilliantly directed, with great wide shots delivering the almost never ending scope of the park, with an interesting plot in the background making it one of the most interesting shows of the year.

HBO has shown a lot of faith in the project and has it plotted for five seasons, which is a good sign – they’re in it for the long haul. However, that doesn’t guarantee anything; HBO’s Rome – another great show – was plotted for five seasons, but ended up lasting for just two, due to low ratings and high costs, despite being well received by its small audience.

Holding the Game of Thrones spot on its off season is a big thing, and people are already talking about the show potentially becoming the next GOT in both scale and popularity, which is saying a lot – and all that with just four episodes.

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