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Here Is What the Egyptian Textile Museum Has in Store for Its Ramadan Visitors

Here Is What the Egyptian Textile Museum Has in Store for Its Ramadan Visitors

Here Is How the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Is Celebrating Ramadan

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Who doesn't love Ramadan's Lanterns?

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The Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards 2018: Arts & Culture Award Winners

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It’s rather painful to imagine Cairo without these arts and culture hubs.

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International Band to Hit Umm Kulthum Museum With a Live Performance

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Don't miss this wildly different performance.

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Hiba Tawaji to Perform in Cairo for the Very First Time!

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It doesn't get any better.

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Cairo Opera House to Host a Special Seminar on Women’s Mental Health

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We hope to see more of these seminars.

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Cairo Cinema Days Releases Its Full Film Menu

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It will be a week to remember.

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The Third Way Exhibition: A Documentation of the Female Fight Against ISIS

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Their bravery is truly inspirational.

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Cairo Cinema Days Is Back for a Second Year

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Get your film dosage this April.

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Seecoz: ‘Street Greek’ On Fleek in New Cairo So authentic and tasty!


اسم على الورق: عفوًا.. لقد نفذ الرصيد اسجل اعجابي بالنقد الفني المبني علي فهم وحس فني وتذوق واعي … .. الموزع الموسيقي : حازم رأفت

Asser Ismael Hamdy

DessART It is closed a year ago.

Mostafa Hamed

شيخ جاكسون: عن مراهقتنا الجميلة رغم كل شيء! فيلم جميل جدا وفكرني بأيام زمان. أنا كنت من عشاق مايكل جاكسون.. قول للزمان ارجع يازمان

Ramy Awadallah

Criminal Used up story but Kevin Costner takes it to a new level by outstanding performance, in addition to…

Faiyum's Regional Literary Conference: The Effect of Culture on Literary Discourse

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A sophisticated literary discussion.

Here’s How Egypt Is Celebrating World Heritage Day

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Are you as excited as we are?

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Mazaher Ensemble: Zar Music Straight from Upper Egypt

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Authentic and captivating tunes.

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Luxor to Get Its Very Own "Comprehensive Art Centre"

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We can't wait to see how all this turns out.

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Om Kalthoum Is the Muse Behind This International Artist’s Latest Exhibition

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Who doesn't love her songs?

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