The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt


Shakira: She Wolf

Shakira: She Wolf

Black Eyed Peas: The E.N.D.

Despite the album title The E.N.D., the Black Eyed Peas are not in fact breaking…

Florence and the Machine: Lungs

Any musical artist dubbed as the next big thing runs the risk of being over-hyped.…

Tiesto: Kaleidoscope

Iconic DJ Tiesto has created a shiny work of trance fluff with his 2009 release…

John Mayer: Battle Studies

John Mayer has evolved substantially since his fresh face first burst on the scene in…

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Villa 55 One on the waiters harassed me by puting his hand on my waist when I was wearing crop…

فلامنكو كافيه – Flamenco Café لأعشاق الهدوء مكان جميل وهادىء لتناول الافطار


Little Ovio Great Coffee and Artisan Sandwiches

Waseem El Tanahi

The Tap East Fantastic atmosphere coupled with great laid back entertainment pushes The Tap to the top of the list of…