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‘Eve’s World’ Exhibition at Safarkhan

Eve’s World: Hend El Falafly Delivers Perfect Harmony at Safarkhan Gallery ‎

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Dina Mokhtar
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Eve’s World: Hend El Falafly Delivers Perfect Harmony at Safarkhan Gallery ‎

Catching the dawn of a new artistic season in Cairo, this October sees numerous exhibitions by many artists, including Hend EL Falafly’s Eve’s World, which takes place at Zamalek’s Safarkhan. In this exhibition, the Egyptian artist unearths a long-forgotten image of Eve, who has been gradually stripped of her femininity, in order to find her way into the never-ending maze of modern times.

Using a tender, smooth technique that gathers a host of media, the artist revisits the true colours of Eve and her world with a pastel palette of sky blue, yellow, beige and white. Euphoric, serene and composed, the many faces of Eve seem to be happy in their own world, where butterflies of yellow and blue are fluttering around, but without having their heads in the clouds.

As if El Falafly insists on solidly rooting Eve’s feet to the ground, in almost every painting, Eve boasts a hyper-realistic form, with dramatic shading, which comprises many tints of the human skintone, as well as black and white.  

With the harmony between the concept, the colours and the execution, it’s not surprising to see the artist delivering Eve’s World with such smoothness and clarity; who else would speak better about Eve’s world than someone who belongs to it?

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Eve's World runs till the 21st of October 2017.

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