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For the Tourists and the Locals: 9 Museums in Cairo That You Just Have to Visit

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For the Tourists and the Locals: 9 Museums in Cairo That You Just Have to Visit
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    Are you in the mood for a dose of culture? Egypt is filled with tons of historical sights, museums, and cultural hubs to satisfy all your cultural needs. Things can get pretty confusing in Cairo, though, which is why we’re rounding up some of Cairo’s best museums.

    1. The Egyptian Museum

    Quite an obvious entry, but definitely not one to exclude. The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir is Cairo’s most famous museum, and one of the most famous museums worldwide. Housing a whopping 150 thousand artefacts, that are classified by era.

    2. Museum of Islamic Art

    This museum is a collection of masterpieces originating from different places around the globe. Be it North Africa, Andalus, China, Iran, or Egypt itself, you’ll travel the world using art.

    3. Egyptian Geological Museum

    Opened for public audiences in 1904, this Museum holds a number of stunning geological pieces, whether invertebrate or vertebrate remains, or minerals and different elements from the Earth’s crust. You’ll surely be amazed that these pieces are in Egypt.

    4. Geographical Association of Egypt Museum

    While maps and documents sound dull, this place is far from boring. The halls of the museum hold various items from the 18th century; tools, clothes, jewelry, and even children toys. In its other halls, you’ll see rare maps, documents, and a selection of other unique items.

    5. The Coptic Museum

    Coptic history has a lot of beautiful pieces, and a huge amount of them are in this place. Textiles, ivory, wood, metals, pottery, these are the historical artefacts in the museum that go up to around 16 thousand pieces.

    6. Museum Of Modern Egyptian Art

    Located in Zamalek, this museum houses beautiful artistic pieces from a host of diverse styles, whether realistic, abstract, or much more. Art fans must check out this museum and enjoy the various selection of masterpieces.

    7. Egyptian National Military Museum in Cairo Citadel

    The Saladin Citadel in Cairo is one of the most stunning places in Egypt, and it houses the Egyptian National Military Museum, containing pieces that tell the story of the Egyptian military, starting from Pharaonic times, and up to the present day. There are also a number of different weapons.

    8. The Umm Kulthum Museum

    This museum is located on Al-Malek Al-Saleh St. in Al-Rouda. This area houses Manasterly Palace, which belongs to Foad Pasha Al Manasterly, built on a 1000 metre squared area back in 1851. This palace contains an area dedicated to the Umm Kulthum Museum. The museum houses a lot of Umm Kulthum’s possessions, including clothing items. bags, shoes, rare photographs, and more. 

    9. Egyptian Textile Museum

    The Egyptian Textile Museum sits just outside of Khan El Khalili. The two-floor museum holds an immaculately maintained collection of textiles, tools, and other artifacts from the different epochs of Egypt’s vast history.