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Einstein Kaffee

Einstein Kaffee: Homely International Coffee House at Sun City Mall, Heliopolis

  • Sun City Mall, 3rd Floor, Autostrad Road, Sheraton Bldgs
  • Coffee Places
  • 9AM-12AM -
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Nermin Habib
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Einstein Kaffee: Homely International Coffee House at Sun City Mall, Heliopolis

With cafés in Cairo fast expanding their menus to compete with local eateries, it’s rare to find one that delivers on both taste and quality. Occupying a space on the curved third floor balcony of Sun City Mall, Einstein Kaffee overlooks the lavish floors below.

Decorated with deep, wood flooring and warm-coloured furniture, the café gives off a sophisticated, yet laid-back, vibe. Opting to sit towards the back – further from the hustle and bustle of the mall – we were immediately tended to by a friendly waiter who offered us the menus.

The items offered at the café are split into a vast number of categories including hot drinks, smoothies, fresh fruit juice, cocktails, salads and soups, appetisers, main courses, pastries, dessert and ice cream. The sheer variety of dishes was somewhat daunting, but, with a little help from the waiter, we decided on a Greek salad (32.50LE) and a Florida cocktail (29.90LE) – a fruity mixture of plum and grapes.

The Greek salad was delivered in a deep plate with large portions of crumbly feta cheese, thinly sliced onions, crunchy cucumbers pieces, colourful cuts of tomatoes, sweet peppers, and meaty Kalamata olives that were conveniently pitted and sliced. The dressing was a refreshing mixture of lemon juice, vinegar and olive oil mixed with an aromatic sprinkling of dried mint leaves and fresh dill. The Florida cocktail was a thick but revitalizing blend of both sweet and tart flavours, sweetened by the handful of grapes in the mixture.

For dessert, we opted for a coffee with Macadamia nuts (24.95LE) and a brownie (19.90LE) from their bakery section. The brownie was served hot and drizzled with a generous helping of rich chocolate sauce on top. Once cut into, the molten chocolate oozed from the center and gave every mouthful a moist, velvety texture. Presented in a glass cup, the Macadamia nut coffee transpired to be a shot of espresso, layered under steamed milk and foam, a dash of syrup and topped with a good helping of grated Macadamia nuts. Despite being a little too sweet to accompany our sugary brownie, the coffee was incredibly warming, with a subtle but robust nutty flavour.

Overall, Einstein Kaffee provides the warm ambience typical to modern café chains, but offers a plethora of options that are likely to satisfy almost any craving. With helpful staff and appetising selections, this café is unlikely to disappoint.

360 Tip

We recommend sitting towards the back to minimise the noise of the busy shopping mall.

Best Bit

The waiters were attentive and were more than willing to help guide us through the menu.

Worst Bit

At times, the music played on the TVs ruined the relaxing atmosphere.

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