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Freshii: Healthy Food Made Delicious in Central Zamalek

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Freshii: Healthy Food Made Delicious in Central Zamalek

When eating out or ordering in, finding tasty, healthy food is always a quest. If you’re not making it fresh at home, then you’ll end up ordering the same old grilled chicken and sautéed vegetables option from any restaurant. There’s nothing wrong with that; however, sometimes, you just crave something different. This is where Freshii comes in. With two branches open so far, Freshii helps its customers enjoy fresh and healthy calorie-calculated meals and drinks.

Freshii Zamalek is located on 26th of July Corridor, where parking is practically impossible. Therefore, before thinking of heading there, keep in mind that ordering in might be the better option. This branch has a small counter with only 3-4 chairs available for dine-in. Other than that, Freshii mainly depends on delivery and pick-ups. We wanted to try the dine-in experience, and luckily when we went there, we found parking nearby. The space inside is a bit tight but comfortable enough for a fast meal. We browsed the menu and decided on two food options and two beverages.

To start, we got one Red Power juice (45 LE) – beets, lemon juice, ginger, and carrots. The freshly-pressed blend was refreshingly sweet with an intense, spicy aroma. If you’re a fan of beet juice, it’s the juice for you. We also ordered the Recoverii smoothie (80 LE) – coconut milk, banana, mango, ice, honey, pineapple and turmeric. Totally delicious, yet small-sized for its price. The leading flavours were the coconut milk and banana and not so much the rest of the ingredients, but all in all, it was a great smoothie.

They offer a range of options: wraps, bowls, salads, soups, burritos, breakfast, juices, frozen yoghurt and smoothies. All the menu options are either vegetarian or vegan, and then you can add your choice of chicken, meat, or tofu for an extra charge. The Buddha’s Satay bowl (70 LE) was our first option – rice noodles, broccoli, cabbage, green onions, crispy wontons, and house-made spicy peanut sauce. We also added chicken (30 LE) and replaced the peanut sauce with teriyaki sauce. This bowl was all that it set out to be; it was fresh, sizable, and all ingredients were flawlessly cooked. The teriyaki sauce tasted a bit lighter because it was a healthy version of the otherwise heavily sweetened teriyaki.

Our next option was the Khao San burrito (85 LE) – tortilla wrap, brown rice, spinach, carrots, edamame, almonds, cabbage, mushrooms, spicy lemongrass sauce, and spicy peanut sauce. This was an interesting mix for sure. All the ingredients seemed to work well together, but the almonds, peanut sauce, and spicy lemongrass sauce didn’t really come through. Since all their food is healthy and cooked without any seasoning or spices, the flavour of the sauces should really shine, otherwise, food might end up tasting too bland.

As we asked for our check, we were given a cup of frozen yoghurt for free; it was a nice gesture indeed. It tasted really balanced and revitalising – perfect as a guilt-free dessert option. Freshii is a great place to keep in mind when deciding to order in; the food is fresh, clean and definitely worth the money.

360 Tip

There is an email provided in case customers have any questions regarding the nutrition facts in their menu. (

Best Bit

The various options and the freshness of the ingredients.

Worst Bit

Some options are highly priced before adding the protein choices.

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