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Gloria Jean’s

Gloria Jean’s: Another International Coffee Chain in Cairo

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Hannah Cooper
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Gloria Jean’s: Another International Coffee Chain in Cairo

It was just a few years ago that Starbucks
was opening one of their very first Cairo franchise stores in the charming neighbourhood
of Korba. Opening just a few months ago and around the corner next to
McDonalds, Gloria Jean’s might just be the new neighbourhood competition.

Gloria Jean’s is a coffee chain that has existed since 1978 with branches
in over 37 countries. Known for their supposed mom and pop ambiance, the coffee
chain has garnered a large following similar to that of Starbucks.

However, at the new Korba branch, that mom and pop ambiance is nowhere
to be found. With graffiti-laden walls, pop music streaming and a line of giddy
teenagers waiting to receive their frozen concoction; you’ll soon feel like you’re
in just another hip coffee chain. Small tables with wooden chairs fill the
entrance, leading guests to the shiny pastry case and lengthy menu on the wall.

While the ambience is nothing to boast about, the menu is extensive and
detailed, with something for everyone. The food in the display case is
beautifully prepared with options including wraps (15LE to 20LE), salads (20LE
to 25LE) and various sweet treats. Moist and flavourful, the carrot cake
(18.50LE) was a pleasant surprise. For 11.75LE, the cheese and spinach quiche
was equally as satisfying; though the crust could have been thicker.

The coffee selection is vast and we appreciated the unique option of the
miniature-sized latté, cutely named piccolo (10LE to 11.50LE). For 13.50LE, our
small cappuccino came topped with a proper amount of foam, the coffee was tasty
but not overpowering. Our favourite, the medium chai latté (18.50LE) was
delicious and creamy. Paired with soy milk at no extra charge, you can’t go
wrong with this combination.  

If you’re looking to add some flavour to your drink, expect to pay 4LE
for a shot. For 16LE, an iced coffee comes with a meagre portion of ice but a strong,
revitalising shot of coffee. Also available; are non-coffee options including
iced teas and frozen beverages (20LE to 25LE).

Gloria Jean’s carries travel coffee mugs, French press machines and
various accessories for all of your coffee needs. If you’re looking for whole
beans to take home with you, expect to pay around 55LE for 200grams of coffee,
which is a little pricier than other places.

Next time you’re in the area and in need of a pick-me-up, Gloria Jean’s
is a safe choice. Their friendly and efficient service makes getting the job
done easy; though you might have to wade through a crowd of youngsters to make
it to the counter.

360 Tip

If you can’t handle the teeny-boppy atmosphere, we recommend takeaway.

Best Bit

Their chai latté might be one of the best in Cairo.

Worst Bit

A drink can cost upwards of 30LE.

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