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Ramadan in Cairo 2015: 10 Perfect Places in Cairo to Enjoy Shisha

Ramadan in Cairo 2015: 10 Perfect Places in Cairo to Enjoy Shisha
written by
Ahmed Ibrahim

Ramadan is a time to embrace traditions, and there are few as widely enjoyed as indulging in a bit of shisha after fetar on a cool Ramadan night. You may or may not have noticed Egyptians’ unique infatuation with shisha. Cafes and restaurants all over the capital continue to embrace the craze by offering a wide array of flavors for its ever growing fan base, and you may have sampled quite a few before selecting your favorite. That’s why, with Ramadan finally here, we have compiled a list of the top places in town to enjoy your shisha with a mix of Cairene nightlife pizzazz and little Ramadan spirit.


Without further ado, here are, in no particular order, the top ten shisha places this Ramadan

139 Lounge and Terrace

Located at the illustrious Mena House hotel, 139 is gracefully enveloped in beautiful greenery and serene fountains, giving it a nice breezy atmosphere -and what is better than enjoying great shisha with a view of the Pyramids that adds a little Egyptian flair to your Ramadan night?


With its humble, rural Egyptian, style, Baladina is the place to be on Ramadan nights if you want to kick-back, relax, and enjoy your shisha in a quirky yet enjoyable atmosphere. So this Holy Month, don’t forget to pass by Sheikh Zayed’s Arkan Mall for an authentic Egyptian setting.

Naguib Mahfouz Café and Restaurant

If you’re seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of busy Ramadan nights in the popular Khan El Khalili, you should definitely pass by Naguib Mahfouz for a special dosage of nostalgia, live music and great shisha; a truly authentic Ramadan experience.

Wahawi Ramadan Lounge

Event Republic’s annual kheima at Le Pacha 1901 in Zamalek is back for yet another Ramadan season, offering quite, laidback nights perfect for a little shisha-infused R&R. With its blissful location and captivating Nile views, Wahawi is the best place to embrace the modern Ramadan spirit with some hot tea and good shisha.


Heliopolis café, Na2na2a, charmed its way into our hearts ever since it opened.  A colorful shisha lover’s playground, it offers a variety of board games, all-you-can-smoke shisha (how awesome is that?), and of course, loads of snacks for your post-fetar na2na2a.

El Fishawy

Another Khan El Khalili icon, El Fishawy offers you the true Egyptian ahwa experience complete with that unmistakable Ramadan-y feel. With a basic menu and shisha galore, the place also lets you get a little shopping done, with street vendors sprinkling that Egyptian charm you love to hate everywhere they go. Plus, you can’t live in Cairo and not go to El Fishawy.


As always, Sequoia never ceases to impress. Situated at the northern tip of Zamalek, it’s seemingly endless menu and shisha selection make it impossible to resist. Though a bit more expensive than most, the calm atmosphere and beautiful scenery are definitely worth it.  

Bab El Nil

Fairmont Nile City’s tent, Bab El Nil, has always turned heads with its spacious roof top area. In addition to the inspirational view of Cairo from above, the live music adds definite chill points, making this the one of the best places for a shisha night with your closest friends.


You thought we forgot it didn’t you? Of course, no shisha list is complete without Wel3a and its contributions to shisha-culture. One can never speak enough of the plethora of flavors they offer, their attention to detail, and their beautiful Nile-side setting, all making it a must-go for shisha fans everywhere.

Ramadan Kareem! Stay tuned to Cairo 360 for more of Ramadan in Egypt’s Capital.