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Dine & Save Across Egypt & the World with Mashreq’s New Titanium Dining Credit Card

Dine & Save Across Egypt & the World with Mashreq’s New Titanium Dining Credit Card
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Cairo 360

Let’s not kid ourselves; no matter how much of a swashbuckling, big-spender you might think you are, there’s a very distinct and unique satisfaction that runs through your spine at the exact moment your brain registers a discount – be it on clothes shopping, a flight ticket or, as in this case, food and drink.

Someone at Mashreq Egypt understands this and the Egyptian bank’s new Titanium Dining Credit Card proposes exactly that. As part of its increasingly expansive portfolio of personal banking services and products, Mashreq’s Titanium Dining Credit Card offers customers 5% cash-back in all restaurants and cafes that accept credit cards in Egypt and – wait for it – across the world (expect for hotel venues). Mashreq has also teamed up with an exclusive group of venues which will offer – wait for it again – 25% cash-back. So, actually, on second thought, you can afford to shell out a bit more for that flight ticket mentioned earlier, because you’ll invariably be flashing your Titanium Dining Credit Card wherever you eat and drink.

Dining is big business in every sense of the term in Egypt – just one look at the restaurant and café pages on Cairo 360 pays testament to that. Egyptians love to eat and new and unique eateries are opening every week as Cairo’s dining scene continues to grow.

What’s refreshing about the Titanium Dining Credit Card is that it isn’t tied up in gobbledygook and jargon; it’s intended to complement and supplement customers’ lifestyles; think of it as that silent, valuable friend you’ve always wished you had – one that appreciates your foodie ways.

Drooling yet? Well, grab a tissue and head to any Mashreq branch in Cairo and Alexandria. Alternatively, you can call Mashreq on 19677, send and SMS with the word ‘Dine’ to 6111, or visit the official Mashreq Egypt website for more information.