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Beauty and the Beast 3D

Beauty and the Beast 3D: Disney Classic Back on the Big Screen in 3D

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Beauty and the Beast 3D: Disney Classic Back on the Big Screen in 3D

Disney carries on in its mission to take money right out of our pockets
with our full and willing cooperation. Beauty
and the Beast
, possibly Disney
s magnum opus, gets the 3D treatment and for those of
you who saw The Lion King in 3D, you
ll be happy to know that the extra money is actually worth it this time
around. It
s not perfect but theres a huge and highly visible improvement in the 3D between the two. Where
The Lion King was only given a vague
sense of depth, Beauty and the Beast
is clearly three dimensional, with the song ‘Be Our Guest’ benefitting in
particular from the conversion.

In this age of 3D animation, Beauty
and the Beast
s rustic qualities are even more charming. The
s faces though look kind of wonky, especially when
re contorted into weird expressions or viewed from
strange angles. It
s a far cry from the technical perfection on display
in a film such as Tangled. This is
probably the kind of thing that you
d only notice once youre used to modern day animation but it does make you wonder what kids
nowadays must think. Is the story charming enough to cover for these
inconsistencies or does it just look plain sloppy to them? Are these films that
we grew up thinking of as timeless classics, soon going to be relegated to film
history classes? Is this what aging feels like?

Beauty and the Beast was
the first ever film to break out of the animation ghetto and score a ‘Best Picture’
Oscar nomination and there couldn
t have been a better film to do so. Its a perfect example of Disney magic. The filmmakers took a simple fairytale
and turned it into something amazing. From Cogsworth and Lumiere
s hilarious bickering, to Gastons pompousness, to Belle and the Beasts disdain-turned-romance; everything is pitch perfect and thats not even taking into account the unparalleled musical numbers, the animated
architecture on display or the library that became the stuff of little

Spitfire Belle is one of Disneys more interesting princesses, sticking to her guns in
the face of a village that thinks she
s an oddity, and a Beast whos taken her hostage. Its probably this defiant underdog aspect that makes Beauty and the Beast one of the better
films in Disney
s considerable repertoire. Its a drama, musical, comedy and romance all wrapped into one and done
better than most live action films to boot.

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360 Tip

Tangled Ever After, a short film, screens before Beauty and the Beast. It takes place after Tangled and shows Rapunzel and Flynn’s wedding and how it was this close to being a complete disaster. Needless to say, it’s super cute.

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