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Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed: Predictable Romantic Comedy

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Something Borrowed: Predictable Romantic Comedy

This latest romantic comedy tells the story of Rachel (Goodwin); a talented
attorney at a big law firm. Although she’s been single for a while and has trouble finding the right man,
she’s nonetheless happy for her best friend Darcy (Hudson), who gets engaged to
her high-school crush, Dex (Egglesfield).

However, with the help of a few too many
drinks, Rachel ends up having an affair with Dex at her 30th birthday
party. As they decide to continue their affair, matters become a little complicated
as Rachel supports and betrays her best friend at the same time.  Even with Darcy’s devil-may-care attitude, Rachel knows she’s well in the wrong. Meanwhile, Ethan (Krasinski), her more morally
conscious friend, is constantly reminding her not to continue the affair. 

a typical chick flick, Something Borrowed
is a mix of  broken hearts, handsome heartbreakers,
and of course the typical happy ending. Almost more than 99 percent of films of
the same genre share these elements; it works with some audiences, but is a
living nightmare for others. Even a realistic script and talented actors can’t
save a predictable plot and unfortunately, Something
suffers from exactly that. Ten minutes into the film, you can
already predict exactly where its going.

absolutely no doubt that Goodwin turns in the best performance in the film. As the pretty girl whose life is riddled with bad luck in love and
poor choices, her performance is both realistic and relatable. While Hudson
does a good job, her acting is pretty standard and tame in comparison. Often
pigeon-holed as the sweetheart in romantic comedies, her portrayal of the
betrayed best friend seems to be out of her comfort zone; it almost seems like little effort is
made. Egglesfield is terrible as the love interest; his acting is poor, which
makes you wonder if he was cast purely on the basis of his good looks.
Krasinski’s character as the helpful friend isn’t too far from his popular
character from The Office series.

Overall, Something Borrowed is a substandard romantic comedy with a good cast of female
actresses. Only diehard rom-com fans will truly enjoy this.

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360 Tip

Something Borrowed is based on a novel of the same name by Emily Griffin. If the sequel,  Something Blue, ever reaches the big screen, lets hope its better than this.

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