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The Addams Family

The Addams Family: A Revisit to the Classic’s Former Glory ‎

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The Addams Family: A Revisit to the Classic’s Former Glory ‎

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Just as relevant as it was back in 1964, embracing differences is the message, with which The Addams Family aims to recall the former glory of the show it is based on.

The new animated feature version of The Addams Family is based on the hit 1964 TV series, which was later adapted into more than one feature, and even a musical. The 2019 animated film follows father Gomez Addams (Oscar Isaac), his wife Morticia (Charlize Theron), their daughter Wednesday (Chloe Grace Moretz), and their son Pugsley (Finn Wolfhard) as they prepare for Pugsley’s Mazurka (the creepy version of bar mitzvah).

With all their relatives coming to attend the Mazurka, the Addams family has to deal with the colourfully happy town, overlooking their former asylum home on a hill. As the differences between the Addams’ and the local inhabitants become more and more apparent, and as the extended family arrives, the tension boils over.

The animated feature tries to stay true to the legacy of its characters, making sure fans of the original leave satisfied. However, that’s not the case, for the film offers an introduction to The Addams family world for new and younger. Yes, some may want to share something from their childhood with their own children, but the feature does not live up to the original hit series. The reminiscent aspect of the film is also not strong enough to have previous fans flocking to see the new movie.

Well-animated, the characters are outstandingly detailed, but it leaves most characters with very little charisma.

For the voice acting, Oscar Isaac was having fun with his performance and was enthusiastic enough to stand out with just his voice. Charlize Theron was able to adhere to her character’s cold nature, but unfortunately, that made her voice performance seem lifeless, especially with the animation giving the character little facial expression. Chloe Grace Moretz’s character was also cold in nature, but Moretz was able to make her performance much more memorable. Finn Wolfhard’s performance was also advantageous with significant help from the animation of his character.

Not as funny and weird as it could be, The Addams Family offers a relevant message about accepting differences, and a faint reminiscing factor for older audiences.


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360 Tip

In the movie, the family moves to Westfield, New Jersey, where their creator Charles Addams grew up.

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