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The Grudge 3

The Grudge 3: Worst Sequel in the Grudge Series

  • Matthew KnightMike Straub...
  • HorrorThriller
  • Toby Wilkins
reviewed by
Omar Atef
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The Grudge 3: Worst  Sequel in the Grudge Series

The Grudge 3 consists of two
plots melded into one. Jake (Knight) is a young boy held in a mental
institution due to his belief that a ghost is haunting him. When he is suddenly found murdered in his own cell, his therapist Dr. Sullivan (Smith) decides to
investigate the details of his death.

Meanwhile, Lisa
(Braddy) sneaks into apartment 305 (the cursed apartment in The Grudge 2) to spend the night there with
her boyfriend. When they realise that this apartment is haunted, they instantly
leave, but when Lisa returns home, she is being followed
by the curse of Kayoko. Meanwhile, a Japanese woman called Naoko (Ikehata) decides to
travel from Tokyo to Chicago to try to stop the curse of her sister Kayako
(Horiuchi) and save Lisa. When they meet, Lisa refuses her help, but as a series of scary consequences unfold, she agrees to work with Naoko.

Originally released in 2009, the third and hopefully
last instalment of The Grudge relies
on some of its past stories. So it’s best for the audience to have watched the
previous instalments in order to keep up with the storyline.

Given the high
standards of today’s horror films, The Grudge 3 is really not worthy of your time. The
film’s plot is exaggerated, which pretty much ruins the rest of the material
that’s supposed to matter, such as the chills and thrills. In this case, director
Roby Wilkins fails miserably at scaring audiences, even if you watch the film
on the cinema’s big screen.

The acting is boring, the scenes are predictable, and the
script is awfully poor. Even the film’s cursed ghost Kayako has too much face
makeup, making her more laughable than scary.

The Grudge 3 is a
significant step down for the Grudge series,
and seems like just another attempt to make more profits based on the original
film’s success. Avoid this film if you’re expecting the chills and scary scenes
of the original Grudge.

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360 Tip

The Grudge 3 is the first in the series not to be helmed by original Japanese creator Takashi Shimizu.

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