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Samia Allouba

Samia Allouba: Small but Efficient Gym in Mohandiseen

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Anne de Groot
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Samia Allouba: Small but Efficient Gym in Mohandiseen

We are in the middle of Sokhna season and Sahel is
already knocking on our door; so it is time to work on the abs, get rid of
those love handles and become beach-proof.

Samia Allouba is a gym chain with several locations
all over Cairo. In Mohandiseen, there are two branches across the street from
one another. One is a women’s only gym while the other one is mixed; both venues
are relatively small but not cramped. The only difference between the two is
that the mixed branch has a small garden café. Apart from that, both are the
same and you are allowed to take classes and work out at both branches; that is,
of course, as long as you are a woman.

The mixed branch offers everything that you would expect
in a gym. There is a cardio department with treadmills, crossovers, stair
climbers and high and low bikes. However, there are a limited number of
machines as the space is relatively small. Most of the equipment is by Technogym
and has built-in televisions with satellite TV channels to browse through. Next to the cardio department is the weight
training area. You will find all the regular weight machines to train your biceps,
quads, hamstrings, abs and back muscles. However, there is only one of each
machine available; so chances are that if it is busy, you have to wait a while
for your turn.

Aside from its gym space, Samia Allouba offers many
activities. The gym uses the Les Mills workout programs and offers classes of body
pump, body combat, body step and RPM. There are also spinning, pilates and yoga
classes as well as zumba; the latest dance workout trend. Occasionally, you can
also take belly dance or flamenco lessons, but these are not always
available. The centre also offers special children’s workout programs, and
babysitting is available for a special fee.

The dressing rooms are spacious with showers, but
unlike Samia Allouba’s Maadi branch, there is no jacuzzi or sauna room.
The dressing rooms and workout areas are very clean; hygiene is clearly
important to the gym chain. The staff is very friendly and welcoming; they will
set up a workout program for you on your first visit and explain the various
machines and their function to you. At the time of this reviewer’s visit,
there were at least three trainers walking around to help us out.

As with most gyms, Samia Allouba might be a bit
expensive for some. A year’s membership costs 3800LE, a six-month membership
costs 2880LE, three months cost 1530LE and one month costs 600LE. You can
choose between two different kinds of memberships: the first consists of a
seven-day gym use and three classes a week. The second option is a three-day
gym use and seven classes a week. So you can pick your preference depending on if you’re more a class or gym person. It is also possible to freeze your membership
for two months if you are travelling.

If you are not a big fan of sweating on machines but
do want to work out, then try Samia Allouba for their diverse classes; there is
really something for everyone there.

360 Tip

If you want to take a break and work out in a fun way; there is a Nintendo Wii available to play.

Best Bit

Very clean and well kept gym with modern machines and built-in TVs.

Worst Bit

No swimming pool or sauna puts it behind so many other gyms in Cairo.

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