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Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Beastie Boys: Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

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Basil El-Dabh
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Beastie Boys: Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

After four years, the Beastie Boys have finally
released their eighth studio album, Hot
Sauce Committee Part Two
. The trio of Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock, who kicked
off the group’s long and illustrious run as teenagers more than 25 years ago,
continues to crank out hot tracks with all three members in their mid-40s.

What makes the Beastie Boys and their new album so intriguing is how little they have actually changed since the mid-80s. While the music scene has drastically transformed over the course of the last 30 years, the Beastie Boys have managed to sell more than 40 million albums, capitalising on their unique alternative hip-hop sound.

As expected, Hot
Sauce Committee
is hardly a departure from the style and sound that brought
them staggering success for years. For any Beastie Boys fan, it delivers on the
quality and vibe that  has come to be expected from the hip-hop threesome.

The album contains three singles: ‘Lee Majors Comes
Again’, ‘Too Many Rappers’ and ‘Make Some Noise’. ‘Lee Majors Comes Again’
evokes memories of previous rebellious Beastie hits (such as ‘Sabotage’) and
features the same loud and energetic vibe. ‘Too Many Rappers’ is a collaboration
with rapper and lyrical genius Nas.

However, the highlight of the album is the third
single, ‘Make Some Noise’. This track consists of the classic rapid-fire
back-and-forth lyrics between the three members. The group also produced a
music video for ‘Make Some Noise’, notable for its countless celebrity cameos
and the same flare featured in their many previous music videos.

The album as a whole contains sixteen tracks, which
stays true to the group’s general tendency to produce albums containing many
shorter tracks, with songs that ‘run into each other’ as MCA described it upon
the album’s release.

Sauce Committee Part Two
is simply a continuation of what the
Beastie Boys have been doing for years. If you never liked the Beastie Boys
before listening to this, you probably won’t get hooked. However, if you’re one
of the millions that can’t help but bob their head when a hit by the New York
natives comes on, this album will not disappoint.

In an industry where many musicians and bands
desperately hang onto success amassed in previous decades, the Beastie Boys
demonstrate that they can still produce hits while staying true to the identity
and style that won over millions. The Beastie Boys are clearly thinking, ‘If it
isn’t broken, why bother fixing it?’

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