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Food Gun

Food Gun: New Arrival Leaves a Lasting Impression

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  • 5, Ahmed Khashaba Street, El Hegaz Square
  • Fast Food
  • 11:30 - 02:00
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Nader Issa
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Food Gun: New Arrival Leaves a Lasting Impression

It’s easy to say that our first visit to Food Gun in Heliopolis was a memorable one for all the right reasons. Indeed, if there is one takeaway from our visit, it would have to be the fact that the Food Gun staff at the Heliopolis branch care very much about their customers’ satisfaction; they were able to turn what would’ve otherwise been a frustrating experience into a very memorable and enjoyable one.

We made our order, consisting of two different Triple burgers, that are filled to the brim with ingredients; the Doggy Burger (105 LE) which includes sausage slices, along with crispy potato chips on top of the triple layered burger, and the Burger Gun (105 LE) that was stuffed with caramelized onions and beef bacon. 

The waiter informed us that the order would be ready within 30-40 minutes. However, by the time the food arrived at our table, an hour and fifteen minutes had passed and we were starving. Yet to our surprise, that delay had not gone unnoticed by the staff and they set about compensating us of their own accord.

Not only did they bring us two burgers as Quadro burgers instead of the two the Triples we had originally ordered, but they also gave us a generous portion of fries on the side, in addition to those already included. Lastly, they brought us cold drinks. All those complimentary extras were never asked for or even implied, which goes to show how much they value their customers.

As for the burgers themselves, what do you consider makes a really good burger? Is it the size of the beef? The freshness of the bun? Or maybe the sauce and extra ingredients accompanying the patty? Well Food Gun delivers on all of the above and offers mouth-watering burgers, that will have you debating whether or not it’s your new favourite burger joint.

The burgers were perfectly warm, the ingredients were quite fresh, and there’s no denying that the huge Quadro burgers were more than satisfying!  Food Gun hasn’t been around for long but has set out to make a lasting impression on all its customers.

The outdoor setting of the Heliopolis branch gives off a western vibe that almost feels like an old school, backyard barbeque, which only adds to the enjoyment of their massively generous burgers that are well worth what you pay for. The ingredients leave a lovely, lingering aftertaste, and the burgers, regardless of which size you order, are tremendously satisfying.

Food Gun is a burger place not to be reckoned with, and the complimentary upgrade from the staff left us pleasantly surprised. Easily recommendable to any and all foodies, this is a burger joint that should be kept on your radar since it’s likely you’ll be as impressed as we were and be inclined to visit again to try a different burger from their extensive menu. We can’t wait to go back!

360 Tip

Food Gun has a branch in Mohandeseen, and two branches in Heliopolis. 

Best Bit

Huge burgers that are well worth the prices.

Worst Bit

Fries could've been a little less oily and a little more crunchy.

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