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Sushi Bay

Sushi Bay: Snappy Sushi Restaurant in Korba, Heliopolis

  • 13, El Thawrra Street, Inside Cafe Supreme, El Korba
  • Sushi
  • 11am-2am -
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Emily Wright
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Sushi Bay: Snappy Sushi Restaurant in Korba, Heliopolis

Sushi restaurants in Cairo are plentiful and we’re lucky that, more often than not, said restaurants deliver in terms of quality. In the Korba area of Heliopolis, Sushi Bay have gone and done it again. They’ve teamed up with Canadian coffee giant, Café Supreme, to create a high-class eating establishment where diners can grab a coffee-shop snack, or hang around a bit longer and sample some fresh fish.

There was a ring of sophistication about the whole place, making it both friendly and formal. Inside, contemporary music played and in the outdoor area, shisha pipes gurgled in the moonlight. The design and crockery oozed trendiness, featuring simple bold print designs and a sleek stainless steel kitchen on display at the back.

We instantly took a liking to the staff, who jovially greeted us at the door.

From the small starters menu, we ordered Chicken Karaage (28LE) – fried chicken strips with spicy Korean sauce – and Ebi Tempura (36LE); fried shrimp on a bed of rice noodles, with a side of cream cheese. Our starters had an artisan look about them and tasted subtle and refined. Although the chicken was good, it could easily have been a dish from Café Supreme, as it lacked any far eastern authenticity despite the fruity-spiced dip that accompanied it. The battered shrimp were large and packed plenty of meat; each of the five morsels were cooked to a perfect tenderness with that little bit of crunch and tang in each bite.

Sushi Bay’s menu allows diners to choose between a four, six or eight piece sushi set that include every imaginable type, all rolled up into a dainty delicacy. They update their menu regularly to bring in new treats such as the latest: Buddha Peste with caviar, or Tropical Kiwi, where sea bass meets pineapple, kiwi and avocado.

Sadly, main courses stop at sushi, and no other Japanese dishes are available. However, the stunning sushi wowed us from the start with its impeccable presentation, evidently crafted by a meticulous kitchen. We had ordered the 24-piece combination dish, costing 165LE, which proved more than enough for two sushi gluttons. All the fish was fresh and moist, and all were flavourful including the milder tastes of the tuna and salmon. Sushi Bay have a good balance of flavours, with hints of sesame in the right place and complementing sauces that set off the meal.

Despite serving up an impeccable and authentic dinner, the ambience of the place doesn’t really say sushi, and it would be nice if the restaurant committed a little more to their theme. There’s no drinks menu or desserts, meaning we had to refer back to Café Supreme’s menu for those items. We left wondering why Sushi Bay don’t go the whole way with their Japanese cuisine; t’s a move that could easily help set themselves apart from the other sushi chains in Cairo.

360 Tip

Sushi Bay delivers to Heliopolis and Nasr City. Call 0106 208 5553.

Best Bit

The food presentation - in particular the carrot carved into the shape of a fish!

Worst Bit

Our combo dish only included the traditional sushi types, while we would have preferred trying a few of the more exotic ones.

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