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Fortune: International Brand Accessories & Cosmetics in Sun City Mall

  • Third Floor, Autostrad Road, Sheraton Buildings
  • Health & Beauty
  • 10am-11pm -
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Nermin Habib
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Fortune: International Brand Accessories & Cosmetics in Sun City Mall

International brands are like gold dust across the Cairo shopping scene, with imported products generally being the only option for quality goods. Already in many of Cairo’s shopping centres, Fortune has, most recently, moved in to Heliopolis’ Sun City Mall.

Boasting an impressive range of everything from Givenchy handbags and Delsey luggage, to Bourjois cosmetics, Cybele nail polish, Theirry Mugler perfume, and Clarins skincare lines, the shop separates each section with clearly labelled departments spread throughout their expansive third floor location. Brightly lit and incredibly well stocked, Fortune usually has tempting offers advertised to encourage apprehensive window-shoppers through the doors.

The shop has two entrances; one takes you straight into the handbag section where brands such as Givenchy, CK Jeans and RoccoBarocco are stocked. In typical seasonal fashion, Fortune only stocks the present seasons’ collection which carries a +500LE price tag. Some off-season items can also be found usually at clearance prices but only for a couple of weeks. In addition to handbags, Fortune also carries Valentino and Armani branded men’s shirts displayed neatly in concealed drawers.

The second door is the main entrance which opens onto the perfume sections stocked with fragrances by Davidoff, Theirry Mugler, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Nina Ricci and other equally iconic brands. To the right, Fortune displays a large section dedicated to skincare lines by Clarins, Lancome, Estee Lauder and Clinique. Prices range from 200LE to 800LE depending on the size and formula of the skincare products selected.

Further back, nearer to the circular cashier’s desk, Fortune has a small corner that shrunk dramatically since our last visit to include only a handful of brands for cosmetics and nail polish; the economical yet popular local brand, Cybele, French chemist staple, Bourjois, UK brand, Avon, and American drugstore favourite, Revlon. In terms of price, Cybele is undoubtedly the cheapest, with nail polish setting you back around 14LE. However, a completely mediocre kohl eyeliner from Bourjois will add 44LE to the receipt.

Secluded towards the back and blocked by a wall, the swimsuit and pantyhose department stands as a sort of last minute thought that isn’t paid much attention to. Most of the swimwear options on display are bikinis with awkward prints and embellishments adorning the fabric. On the opposite side, Fortune has an impressive stock of Delsey luggage with the signature hard-casing shell painted in bright lacquer.

While most casual shoppers probably won’t step inside Fortune without a promotional campaign, other, more brand-sensitive consumers will be elated to find a store that carries the best-selling lines for almost every high-end brand on the market.

360 Tip

If you can't find what you may be looking for at a certain branch, Fortune has branches all over Cairo including two in Mohandeseen, Nile Towers, and Citystars.

Best Bit

Fortune is a one-stop shop for most customers looking for high-end brands.

Worst Bit

The clerks shadowed our every move which made the whole experience unbelievably uncomfortable.

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