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Vision Modern Lighting

Vision Modern Lighting: Cheap, Funky Lights Shop in Maadi

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Janan Omar
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Vision Modern Lighting: Cheap, Funky Lights Shop in Maadi
Trying to design your home in Egypt can
often be a gruelling ordeal. For the most part, there are tons of shops offering the over-the-top French styles of our grandmothers’ hay-day. And
while that might be the more traditional way to go, there are still people out
there who yearn for a more modern and eclectic style for their home.

problem is, if prices at Designopolis and Citystars are to go by, you can’t
find modern designs without a hefty price tag. This reviewer is here to tell
you that this is not the case. There are a few exceptions to the rule hidden
throughout Cairo; the trick is just where to find them. Vision Modern Lighting
is one such shop, offering ultra modern lighting and accessories at very
wallet-friendly prices.

Located on the bright and busy El Nasr Street in Maadi, Vision Modern Lighting
looks like the type of place that your mother warned you about: neon blinking
signs, strange back entrance, a slightly dicey location with horrible parking; the
works. But don’t be put off by that or by the swarms of people that descend on
your car as you attempt to park. It is all part of the sacrifice that you must
make to get that ‘great deal’. To enter you need to climb up the stairs of the
building above the food court, and take your first right on the first floor.

Vision Modern Lighting takes up two floors
and is literally jam-packed with every type of home lighting that you can think of.
From giant glass-orbed chandeliers (300LE to 800LE) to smaller, silver side
lamps and bathroom spotlights, this shop has it all, and everything is
reasonably priced. The service was excellent and this reviewer had a very
knowledgeable salesperson, who was prompt and professional.

Now for the trade-off. As everyone knows, you get what you pay for, and this
universal maxim holds true here as well. The products are not of top-notch quality
and are mostly imported from China. This place is for those who want something
funky, cheap and temporary because these products are not what we would call investment

Most of the light
fixtures are a bit over the top, and with the amount of crystal and chrome
packed into such a small space it can be a bit overwhelming. However, if you
browse long enough you are sure to find that one perfect lamp or chandelier
which, when removed and put in a more neutral location such as your home, can
provide just the perfect modern touch. This reviewer surprisingly found two
highly detailed, arabesque-inspired ceiling lamps at only 120LE each.

For some reason, this shop also sells original oil paintings. This reviewer was
not particularly impressed but there is a buyer out there for everything, so you
might as well take a look. This is probably a good time to mention that for
such a small shop, Vision Modern Lighting has invested a lot into its website.
Rarely do you find a stand-alone shop in Cairo that has a website with a catalogue
and product gallery.

360 Tip

Parking can be horrible on that particular street, so park one or two blocks away and enjoy your informal exercise.

Best Bit

Edgy, modern lightening that won’t break the bank.

Worst Bit

It's a case of quantity over quality in the shop.

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