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Egypt to Get a Brand New Airport Very Soon!

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Egypt to Get a Brand New Airport Very Soon!
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Cairo 360

Yesterday we told you guys all about Thomas Cook’s report on the increased number of world travellers visiting our beloved country. We have also been telling you guys about the construction of new sites like The Grand Egyptian Museum, partnership agreements with the likes of Beautiful Destinations, Conde Nast Traveler Magazine recommending Egypt as an ideal travel destination, and finally all about Egypt being a perfect travel destination for the world’s billionaires, as well as those travelling on a budget.

We also told you guys about the efforts being exerted to support the increase in the number of tourists, namely the construction of Sphinx International Airport. Speaking of airports, Egypt is working on a new airport that is set to open this summer in Marsa Alam. The small town is approximately 70km from Al Qusair on the Red Sea coast and 789km from Cairo.

Marsa Alam is growing to be a favourite tourist destination, competing with Hurghada and Safaga. The “coming soon” airport is located 66 km from Marsa Alam town and is operated by a private airport operator.

Ahmed Abdallah, Red Sea Governor, has announced that the new Berenice International Airport in Marsa Alam is going to open in summer 2019, with the exact date of the opening not yet being revealed. The airport has been built at a cost of 500 million EGP.

Berenice International Airport is seen as a project that will open so many doors for tourists by allowing them to access one of Egypt’s hotspots.