The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt

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Cairo Events Guide: October

Cairo Events Guide: October

Cairo Weekend Guide: On with the Shorts!

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This busy weekend, we have our work cut out for us. So roll up your…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Egypt Falls into Autumn

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Cooler nights mean only one thing in Cairo– it’s time to head to your favourite…

Cairo Guide: An Ode to Cairo’s Last Driving Road

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The sign reads 'Coming in the Fall of 2010', and we think to ourselves –…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Bring On The Cool Weather!

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The good news is that Cairo weather has cooled down considerably over the past few…

Cairo Guide to Nightlife in Heliopolis

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He who says that there is no nightlife in Heliopolis obviously hasn’t hung out with…

Cairo Neighbourhood Guide: Nasr City

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First rule of Nasr City is: the traffic is crazy. Second rule of Nasr City…

Cairo Weekend Guide: What do Do in Cairo This Eid

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Now that Ramadan is coming to an end, we’re all thinking of what to do…


Cairo Guide to Ramadan: Last Chance to Avoid the Weight Gain

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The end of Ramadan is drawing near and most of us are probably feeling the…

A Foodie’s Thoughts on Ramadan in Cairo

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Ah Ramadan, the word itself can make a foodie smile. Cairo comes alive with the…


Win! Four Tickets to JES Concert in El Gouna

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Looking for some fun and excitement this Eid? This coming holiday weekend, we’ve teamed up…

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Dos Cañas Amazing view, excellent service, tasty food and unforgettable experience... thanks doscanas restaurant's team

Injy Ahmed

Arkan Mall I have been there once, It was not to many spaces to go but was okay. Quite area…

Mourad M. Fahim

Asia Bar Brilliant food, service , drinks and food. It's the place to be on a date. The staff are…


Beit El Ezz: A Warm & Colourful Slice of Lebanon at Mall of Egypt The lebanese taste and mood in egypt !

abdalrhmn roston

رستن: محل ساعات عريق في مصر الجديدة محل جميل وناس بجد عارفة بتعمل اية ❤️


عيال حريفة فيلم لا يساوي اكثر من صفر منتهى الاسفاف والاستخفاف بعقول شبابنا وتجاره فقط لموسم عيد الاضحي اين الرقابة

Cairo Weekend Guide: Natacha Atlas Live!

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With one weekend left before the end of Ramadan and the Eid holiday, Cairo’s line-up…

Ramadan Guide to Wasting Time after Fetar

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After a long day of Ramadan fasting and a heavy fetar meal, lazing in front…

Guide to Visiting Cairo During Ramadan

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Travelling to Egypt during Ramadan can be a little intimidating for some tourists.   Knowing…

Ramadan Guide to Wasting Time Before Fetar

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If we’re not working, many of us in Ramadan usually spend our nights eating and…

360 Essentials: Top Ten Time-Wasting Websites

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So you love surfing the web, finding videos of babies b iting their sibling’s fingers,…