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‎5 Egyptian Designers Who Offer Unique Jewellery Pieces

‎5 Egyptian Designers Who Offer Unique Jewellery Pieces

Bakery Shops in Cairo that Offer DIY Kits ‎

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Something to get us through the confinement.

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Best Mums: The Local One-Stop Shop for All the New Mamas Out There

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if you are a new or soon-to-be mom, check this out!

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DIY Kits for Your Kids to Celebrate Eid

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We are officially grounded this Eid!

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Gourmet Food Store’s Precautionary Measures Ensures a Safe Shopping Experience ‎

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The safety of customers begins with a safe working environment.

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‎5 Local Home Stores That Offer Unique Ramadan Decorative Items ‎

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A round of decorative items to cheer things up.

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Chocolate and Snacks Shops in Cairo: Here’s Where to Find Your Fix ‎

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Many of us have taken refuge in chocolate and snacks.

Bakery Shops in Cairo: Where to Find the Freshest Bakes in the City

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Places that offer the sweet, the savoury, the essential, and even the sophisticated.

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Local Brands that Offer DIY Kits for Your Quarantine Entertainment ‎

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To keep your hands busy and your mind clear.

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‎Bean Bags in Cairo: Where, What and How Much

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15 local brands from which you can get your hands on those puffy clouds of…

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Jason Bourne The Jason Bourne movies have been successful for many years and the main reason they did part4 because…

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Fat Cow thee sandwiches : Honky Tonk & Swiss and The Smoke house Two people sick and 1 went to…

Waseem El Tanahi

Ovio This place has some great bakery items and food. It's a lovely daytime place to sit as well.…


Il Loft: Rustic Italian Restaurant at Arkan Mall Falls Just Short of Being Great This has to be the slowest restaurant in Egypt. When you eventually get your food...quite frankly the wait…


Dara’s Ice Cream: New Cairo Branch Not As Good As Zayed’s A one of a kind experience of ice cream in a Cairo. Belgian Chocolate & Salted Caramel are…

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wael walid

Chicago: The Curse of 45 Michel Bakhoum Street Continues Amazing view, excellent service