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Everything You Need to Know About the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art

Everything You Need to Know About the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art

Cream of the Crop of European Films on Show in Latest Film Festival in Cairo This November

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Don't miss Panorama of the European Film.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Grand Egyptian Museum

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We can't to pay it a visit.

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Ayah Aman: Photography, Creativity, and Egyptian Women

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She told us all about her creative vision.

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Schnit Worldwide Short Film Festival Hits Cairo for the Sixth Time

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The perfect weekend for film lovers.

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Cairofornication: Two Uniquely Iconic Cities Come Together Through Art

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Waseem El Tanahi

Mandarine Koueider One of the best places in Cairo to get dessert! A must try!

Mohamed ali1992

La Poire لبوار ميدان هليوبوليس جيد جدا و ان كان ليس كل الأصناف متاحة لديه ، و لديك إمكانية حجز…

Omar Khaled

النبطي عندما بدات في قرأة هذه الرواية لم اكن افهم لماذا إختيار إسم النبطي وهو ليس من ابطال الرواية…

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Tommy Kalyounji

John Wick: Chapter 2 الفيلم فيو جرعة زايدة من اﻷكشن والنهاية مش مفهومة والمشاهد قاسية و الجزء اﻷول كان أجمل

WATCH: Cairo 360 Talks to El Gouna Film Festival’s Stars About the Late Youssef Chahine

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A tribute to one of Egypt's most brilliant talents.

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WATCH: The Gorgeous Lisandra Silva Tells Us All About El Gouna Film Festival's Second Edition

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The beautiful Cuban actress, model, and TV host.

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Cairo's Hidden Gems: The Geographical Association of Egypt Museum

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A museum documenting history like no other.

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WATCH: Cairo 360’s Exclusive Interview With Patrick Dempsey

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We can't believe we just met Patrick Dempsey!

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This Egyptian Artist Is on a Mission to Beautify the Streets of Cairo

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We have to keep on supporting initiatives like this one.

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