The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt

Concorde El Salam Hotel Cairo’s Abou Auof is Serving Up Some Savoury & Sweet Delights

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It’s definitely tempting to go for international cuisines for a change when eating out. However,…

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The Revolving Restaurant: A Grand Dining Experience That Celebrates the Beauty of Cairo ‎

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Quality food and panoramic scenery.

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Comfort Food Spots in Cairo: 8 Places to Turn to When the Going Gets Tough

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Because food understands!

Enjoy the Delicacies of the Sea at These Restaurants

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Get your phosphorous game on.

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Breakfast & Brunch: Delicious Food & Great Ambience at These Maadi Venues

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Delicious breakfast and brunch options.

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باب الشرق – Bab El-Sharq ممتاز و رائع

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Nehal El-Hagene

Chillax Its such an attraction and a nice way to spend time with friends playing games with good food.…

Injy Ahmed

Arkan Mall I have been there once, It was not to many spaces to go but was okay. Quite area…

Waseem El Tanahi

Gourmet Egypt Gourmet is a new cornerstone of shopping for fresh and rare ingredients in Cairo. The only draw back…

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Fat Cow thee sandwiches : Honky Tonk & Swiss and The Smoke house Two people sick and 1 went to…

wael walid

Chicago: The Curse of 45 Michel Bakhoum Street Continues Amazing view, excellent service

7 Must-Try Breakfast Venues in Sheikh Zayed

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Because it's the most important meal.

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Guilty Pleasure: These Venues Will Satisfy Your Fried Chicken Cravings

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You shouldn't miss these spots!

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WATCH: International Foodie Is Amazed by Egyptian Street Food

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It's official, Egyptian street food is the best.

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Halaket El Samak: Casseroles Taste Better in Company

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Who doesn't love seafood?

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