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2019 in the Capital: Your Ultimate Guide to Cairo's Best Restaurants

2019 in the Capital: Your Ultimate Guide to Cairo's Best Restaurants

Zooba Is Going International!

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It all started in Zamalek.

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Will Sequoia Reopen Soon?

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We were sad to see it close.

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Still Fasting? These Places in Cairo Offer Delicious Seyami Items

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Merry Eastern Christmas!

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Ayadina & Blaze: The Duo Is Finally Arriving to Sheikh Zayed

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New branches to visit.

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Coppermelt Gets Ready for Christmas with a Spectrum of Festive Items ‎

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This Christmas, Coppermelt offers a host of delightful Christmas-themed desserts that are sure to add…

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Mohave Is Serving up Classic American Dishes with an Egyptian Twist

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Mohave, the International Native American restaurant, gives those traditional and beloved Egyptian dishes an American…

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Spicy, Creamy, and Delicious: The Best Indian Restaurants in Town

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Which of these spots is your favourite?

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Captain El Malah: Horrendous Pet Shop in Zamalek لو سمحت هى لسة موجودة او فى تانى

Mourad M. Fahim

Bar D’O The venue looks ok. The crow are teenagers with newly grown mustaches. The trick is the drinks over…


Mezcal: New Age Peruvian & Mexican Cuisine in Zamalek My experience did not match that of this reviewer. When I entered the restaurant at 8:00 PM on…

Abdul Muhaimin.Saharudin

Tacobee Make sure you have change 'fakkah' before you buy anything from this franchaise.They never have any.

Mustafa Rashed

كوباية الكنافة بالمانجو والنوتيلا من مونجيني.. حاجة حلوة في السريع طبعا كوباية الكنافة بالمانجو من مونجيني (ام المصريين) حاجة تحفة بجد ان شاء الله دايما في تقدم

Maadi's Absolute Best Breakfast Dishes

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You'll be set for the day.

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Executive Chef Paolo Rocco: The Man Behind Conrad's Unique Christmas Menu

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Chef Rocco loves Koshari!

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Chili’s Announces New Menu Items!

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An insanely juicy menu.

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Feteer, Falafel, & More: These Are Cairo’s Absolute Best Breakfast Dishes

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Have yourself a perfect breakfast.

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