The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt

Dokdok: Give Us More of That Seafood Fattah

Reasonably priced seafood restaurant serving delicious meals.

Brain cairo +16

Good Stuff Eatery: The American Burger Joint Lands in Egypt

The American chain is located in five states, in addition to a couple of branches…

burger joints Burgers +5

Snooze: Delicious Food & Great Service at Sheikh Zayed Restaurant

A go-to place for Sheikh Zayed residents.

Burgers cairo +7

ILA: Underrated Lebanese Restaurant at CFC

Overall, we had a great time at ILA.

cairo egypt +9

User reviews

Suzy Mounir

Dos Cañas Fantastic and great place I liked it and i'll revisit it more and more times What a place...........


Crimson Bar & Grill Deeply disappointed in the food. Location great. Seems to be a venue for mobile phone photography, that rather…

Tai Torky

The Tap The only real bar atmosphere in Cairo... Love the live music and decor. The Tap serves up great…

Nehal El-Hagene

Adam’s & Blend Closed already both juice blend and doner adams unfortunately. It was great, great seating. But rate 1 because…


Suicide Squad This movie had high expectations from fans but it is still not clear if its gonna succeed or…

Na2na2a: Great Ambience, Good Food, Bad Service

A mixture of disappointment and hope in this visit.

cairo cheese +10

Dirty Byrd: Brilliant Concept & Delicious Chicken at Heliopolis Food Shack

There are a lot of restaurants and fast food places opening up each and every…

cairo city life +9

Crave: An All-Time Favourite for a Family Outing

Crave remains a consistently excellent restaurant.

cairo city life +8

Il Loft: Breakfast Menu at New Cairo Branch

Our experience with Il Loft’s breakfast was good.

Breakfast breakfast menu +7

Enab Beirut: Expectations Were Not Met

Sadly, things were a bit of a letdown with their Ramadan Iftar.

cairo city +6