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Underwater: Should We Call It a Failed Attempt to Copy ‘Alien’?‎

Underwater: Should We Call It a Failed Attempt to Copy ‘Alien’?‎

Like a Boss: Debatable

And is only kind of funny...

arts arts & culture +15

‎1917: More of an Experience Than a Feature

You will spend the two hours following the camera in awe.

arts arts & culture +17

The Courier: Where Did It Go Wrong?‎

A waste of time for both its makers, and viewers.

arts arts & culture +21

‎Spies in Disguise: Good, But Not Extraordinary ‎

Don’t expect to be blown away.

arts arts & culture +17

Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker: Does It Live Up to Fans’ Expectations? ‎

If you are a Star Wars fan, then it’s a must-see.

arts arts & culture +14

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Haisam Awad

Le Bistro Pub Great little bar with a sleepy, chilled atmosphere. Better music wouldn't go amiss, though.


Boulevard Try breakfast there the stuff are great and overall atmosphere is nice and the breakfast is good, drinks…

Mourad M. Fahim

Bar D’O The venue looks ok. The crow are teenagers with newly grown mustaches. The trick is the drinks over…

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بث مباشر: محاولة سينمائية غير موفقة لمناقشة قضايا المجتمع *لما تكتبوا مقال وتسموه نقدي تبقوا تقدموا نقد للفيلم مش هجوم وخلاص .. كاتبين السيناريو بعيد عن الملل…

Sara Saleh

The Fault in Our Stars Cliche and really overrated. I laughed and couldnt get mildly emotional from it. Green's only good points are…


Viking One of the top restaurant in Egypt, food is tasty, desert is awesome, staff is very friendly, cost…

Judy: When Fame Turns into a Curse

You should see it for Renée Zellweger’s performance.

arts arts & culture +21

‎10 Minutes Gone: A Turn Around?‎

Or a waste of your time?

cairo Cairo cinema +18

Code 8: An Ambitious Feature

Fun to watch for once!

arts arts & culture +19

A Score to Settle: Is Nicholas Cage Regaining his Former Glory?

Featuring Mohamed Karim, as one of the mobsters.

arts arts & culture +19