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What to Expect from This Week’s Movie Releases

What to Expect from This Week’s Movie Releases

Escape from Pretoria: Debatable

It won’t quench your thirst for information, nor your need for an interesting movie.

arts arts & culture +13

Onward: When Sentiments Make a Good Movie ‎

Won’t be a classic, yet it could be of sentimental value to many.

arts arts & culture +16

The Invisible Man: Can it Stand Out?‎

With a twist in the ending and captivating suspense!

arts arts & culture +20

‎Kill Chain: Thin, Random, and Rough

Tries to come up with a creative concept.

arts arts & culture +8

Astro Kid: A French Production That Caters to All Ages ‎

It takes a single element to make or break a feature.

arts arts & culture +16

Brahms: The Boy II: What is Left? ‎

The Boy should not have had a sequel.

arts arts & culture +18

The Room: At Least One Thing is Right

Its concept, and the ponderings it causes, makes it well worth the watch!

arts arts & culture +19

Fantasy Island: Careful What You Wish

The beginning of Fantasy Island had potential...

cairo Cairo cinema +18

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Il Mulino I just can't wait everyday for work to end, and head out to mulino for my coffee and…


Zack’s It's really one of the most places we are relaxing, it's giving all freedom and enjoyment and relaxing

Mohamad El-Wakeel

Interstellar Black holes, relativity, singularity, the fifth dimension! The talk is grand. There’s a problem, however. Delivered in rushed…

Karam Abuzeid

Carino’s Good quality and bad service


The Greek Ordered delivery on a Friday night and was told it would take 30 minutes. After 30 minutes they…