As the seventh instalment in the best-selling Maximum Ride series, Angel doesn't disappoint. The novel continues the story of a group of kids who had their DNA mixed with that of birds, giving them the ability to fly as well as other superhuman powers.

Picking up from the last part Fang, the novel begins with Max's anguish over her break-up with Fang. Nevertheless, the tough flock leader rebounds and gets ready to fight the Doomsday Group, who believe in eradicating humans for a better Planet Earth.

After Fang leaves, he immediately begins forming his own gang of genetically-modified humans; his only fault is that he invites Max's clone, Maya, to join his newly formed group. Needless to say, all hell breaks loose when Max finds out.

But teenage Max is developing feelings for Dylan, the newest bird kid, who was specifically designed to be her perfect soul mate. She likes him, but she still loves Fang. Stuck in this love triangle and faced with the Doomsday Group that has hypnotised children all over the world, you’d think that things really couldn't get any worse for the fifteen-year-old flock leader. Except for when they do. As the novel progresses, Max is faced with life-and-death decisions and has to make huge sacrifices.

Named after the youngest flock member, Angel is an adventurous read packed with action. However, the same basic use of the identical formula does suggest that maybe the series has gone on for too long; after seven books, it has dragged on longer than necessary. Followers of the series might feel a bit fed up with the same old let's-save-the-world shtick.

Furthermore, seven-year-old Angel seems too mature for her age and gives advice that indicates a deep wisdom that is nearly impossible for a seven-year-old to have. Followers of the book series also know that in previous books she has been constantly trying to take over the flock and overthrow Max, yet in this instalment, Angel is represented as a perfectly well-mannered child. Moving from one extreme to the other, the author leaves readers confused about the true nature of Angel's personality.

Although Angel might not be the most exciting read you’ll ever find, it is not to be missed for true devotees of the series.