The Oasis D’Heliopolis officially has the largest food court in the world – it’s in the Guiness book of records. Of the twenty-five restaurants and cafés that take residence there at the moment, Hola Café was visited by this reviewer for a friend's birthday. When we arrived at the venue, another birthday party was dominating the place. A group of six-year-olds was gathered around a show of clowns, puppies and birds.

We were seated away from the hollering kids only to find a sweet sixteen on the neighbouring table. We came to the realisation that Hola Café is the destination of many birthday celebrations, so we just had to make do with the continuous birthday songs. A live performer was also entertaining, at the expense of our eardrums.

We took plenty of time perusing our menus. After strenuous thought, we settled on the fried mozzarella, but the waiter apologetically said that it was not available. So we ordered the onion rings instead (16LE). Served on a bed of chopped lettuce with a cocktail sauce whose components remain unknown to this reviewer, the rings were deliciously crispy.

The menu at Hola Café also features soups including tomato soup (14LE) and Chicken mushroom soup (17LE). You can also order from a variety of chicken, beef and fish dishes with sides of your choice, including sautéed vegetables, French fries, mashed potatoes and Spanish rice.

We ordered the Hola salad (30 LE). A hollow slice of roasted bread was stuffed with kidney beans, lettuce, sweet corn, grilled chicken, parmesan and red cabbage. Light on the stomach and the calories, the Hola salad is definitely a healthy option for those who like to monitor their weight.

We then had the Sevilla sandwich (28 LE): grilled chicken pieces with plenty of Spanish spices that gave the chicken a weird yellow colour and an immensely dislikeable zest.

We also tried the Hola sandwich (30LE): fried chicken, salami and cheddar cheese. The cheese was so sickeningly fatty that we left the sandwich after the first bite.

All sandwiches are served with one scoop of coleslaw salad and a side of French fries; the French fries were terrible. Squishy, oily and cold, they didn't remotely resemble our idea of French fries.

We also sampled the pollo fajita (55 LE). The chicken fajita was served on a fish-shaped platter with chopped green pepper and onion. The chicken's presence was so scarce that we felt were only eating vegetables. Served on another platter was Mexican bread, sour cream, pico de gallo and cheddar cheese.

As for desserts, there are plenty of options, including cheese cake (23LE) and chocolate cake (22LE). Ice cream is also available for 7LE per scoop. We opted for the birthday cake instead.