Where Trio was only recently located on Maraashly Street in Zamalek, a new shisha stop, 3enab, has strategically taken over and opened amongst the bustling crowd of trendy restaurants and cafés of the area.

3enab's central location, along with the colourful, bright neon signage above the door, attracts a younger, more fashionable crowd; we had to wait around fifteen minutes to be seated on a Saturday night. The décor is much the same as before and the small restaurant is divided, with the front exposed to the outside by a large sliding window. Seeking warmth, we headed to the sheltered area at the back which was warm but unfortunately, very smoky – particularly as it was crammed with both people and shishas.

The lighting was incredibly dim and if it wasn't for the huge plasma TV screen illuminating our table, we may have struggled to read the menu. The shisha menu wasn't as vast as we'd hoped, with a total of just nine fruity flavours (20LE-40LE), but, there's also the option to be inventive and mix the tobaccos. We chose the most unusual, and slightly out of place, Red Bull flavour (40LE) and, as a tribute to its name, one 3enab (grape) flavoured shisha (40LE).

The shishas were prepared carefully and arrived quickly. Noticing there was no space on the floor to put our shisha, the waiter swiftly retrieved a smaller, chrome shisha pipe to place on the table, which was both cute and satisfyingly unobtrusive. The Red Bull was an adventurous choice and proved that sometimes it's better to stick to what you know. The thick smoke was smooth as ever but with only a slight hint of flavouring. The grape shisha was much more identifiable, being light and full of flavour.

Of course, when you order a shisha, it is almost obligatory to sip on a juice of some sort. 3enab offers a large selection of hot and cold drinks including smoothies, fresh juices, frappés and cocktails. We went for a cocktail named after the celebrity doctor, Dr. Oz (15.95LE), which turned out to be a healthy blend of fresh carrots with a tangy orange juice kick; the honey added some sweetness but was a little hard to mix in. Not wanting to overload on veggies, we also went for a very sweet and fruity cherry berry juice (17.95LE) to compliment our shisha choices.

The food menu consists of many choices, from sharing platters, soups and sandwiches to salads, steaks and grills. We settled on the Trio platter (59.95LE) to share – a starter borrowed from the old menu – made up of our choice of tasty coconut shrimp, the most delicious, buttery, grilled corn on the cob and disappointingly cold chicken skewers.

Our next course of beef fajitas (41.95LE) came in a large portion and wrapped up in warm, soft bread with fresh onions, juicy tomatoes and sweet red peppers, with nice, tender beef pieces. The dish came with perfectly fried potato wedges, but was left unseasoned - which turned out for the best as it allowed us to add the suitable amount of salt and pepper for ourselves.

To finish, we spoilt ourselves with a fabulously sticky, hot chocolate brownie and ice cream (59.95LE), which in our experience, more and more restaurants in Cairo do exceedingly well – 3enab being no exception.

The vibrant, young crowd and good location really sell this place and we're likely to return to 3enab to enjoy another fruity shisha.